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Updates on my fannish life.

So I'm lying in bed last night, reading Some Strange Prophesy by cesperanza (I'm addicted to her Due South fic. I haven't even seen an episode with Ray K in it and she's got me totally sold and in love with this pairing. ♥) and there's this bit in it that cracked me up so hard, I read it over and over again and just laughed and laughed until my eyes watered:

"Because he's Fraser," Vecchio shouted at him, "and he doesn't do casual sex! The man doesn't do casual anything—he irons his shorts, for Christ's sake!"

"So maybe he's seen the light!" Ray replied heatedly. "Turned over a new leaf! I mean, you wanted him to get over Victoria, he's getting over her, seeing other people, dating finally—"

"Dating? This isn't dating," Vecchio retorted. "This is Fraser acting like—"

"Like Shaft," Ray said glumly.

They let that sit between them for a moment.

"Can you dig it?" Ray asked.

"Shut your mouth," Vecchio said.


Also, the idea of Fraser turning into a sex-crazed love machine who wants to fuck everyone is, uh, so hot I could die.


Oh! I worked out the other day how to add syndicated feeds to my flist! Now, this was something I've been distantly aware could be done for years and I was sort of distantly jealous of people who had clearly worked out how to do it, but I never bothered to actually get off my ass and ask anyone what was going on. So people like me: you know how you can subscribe to certain sites and blogs and whatnot and have their recent entries pop up on your flist so you don't have to visit their sites or ever leave livejournal? Just go here and enter the RSS feed URL into the box at the bottom and you're dancin!



So far, SGA is the dumbest show I've ever seen (and I watch Smallville you guys). I'm only four episodes in, but either it gets a whole lot less boring and lame soon, or I am weirdly immune to its so called charms. I won't be giving you my final verdict until I'm done with the 4 DVDs I have, but so far I have no favourite character because I think they're all annoying idiots. John is relatively sexy though, so he's currently winning in that category.


Queer as Folk (US Version)

I like Brian. I was worried that they wouldn't be able to find an actor as sexually magnetic as Aidan Gillen (who played Stuart in the UK version), but even though Gale Harold can't act, he's unspeakably hot so I totally approve. I'm also pleased that the US version is just as explicit as the UK version, and that bit in the pilot when Brian fucked Justin's virgin ass? OMG HOT.

Anyway, even if it's not as good as the UK version (it's not), I still love it for obvious reasons. YAY FOR GAY BOYS!
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