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Due South; The 4400; House; The Black Donnellys, and a moan about HH from Salon

Due South

I’m only three episodes in and I’m not sure that doing this via LOVEFiLM is going to work for me because I have to *wait* now. Wait until they decide to send me disc two, and they might not even do that next. They might give me something less important and the thing is, my love for Fraser is of the unholy kind and I don’t want to have to wait even another day before I see him again. He’s so beautiful. And he’s pretty much, as far as I’m concerned, impossible not to love with all your heart. I LOVE HIM. *cries*

So anyway, I just cancelled it on LOVEFiLM and bought the first season from Amazon. \o/

The 4400

Um. That was the worst show I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I didn’t even make it through the pilot. Ewan and I were watching it and both ended up doing this weird thing somewhere between crying and laughing because it was so horrendous. But if someone would care to tell me what was going on I’d appreciate it, because I’m never going to watch it again. Was it aliens?

House, 3.15: Half-wit

The House/Cameron kiss was HOT OMG. He kissed back! And there was TONGUE. And GUH. Good God he’s sexy. And then he felt Cuddy’s ass and the House/Cuddy shipper in me was gleeful. I really don’t understand why she didn’t invite him back to the bedroom for sex. What’s her freaking PROBLEM? Also, Chase hugging House was cute and wonderful. I was very upset that House was dying but then it turned out that he FAKED CANCER TO GET HIGH which means all is right with the world again, and I really really do love House so much. Easily my favourite episode of the season. ♥

The Black Donnellys, 1.02: A Stone of the Heart

I’m not sure about this show. It hasn’t really grabbed me at all, and the only thing I liked about episode two was that we saw Tommy with his clothes off. A lot. What the fuck was up with boring love interest chick fucking him and *then* saying “I can’t do this”? I’m just not that impressed with the writing so far. I’m impressed with Tommy’s hot body, yes, but is that enough for me to keep watching? Probably not.

The L Word plus rant

Speaking of "The Black Donnellys", I was reading Heather Havrilesky’s review the other day, and you might not want to read it if you like the show because she’s not very complimentary. She’s one of those critics who when you agree with her you like what she has to say, but when you don’t agree with her you find yourself feeling mildly insulted. She thinks TBD lacks soul, which is fair enough, but she had a few words to say about "The L Word" in the introduction to her review:

Just look at "The L Word": An awful show, awful to the point of being extremely entertaining and hilariously stupid. There's so much to dislike about "The L Word," but you can't say that it has no soul. "The L Word" is far too unself-conscious and earnest and clumsy not to have a little soul. It refuses to make itself lovable to straight people -- or gay people, for that matter. There's some soul in its complete refusal to please anyone but the pretentious and/or the porn-seeking.

It’s not that I mind her thinking the show is bad, it’s that she blanket insults everyone who thinks it’s good. To like and respect this show means I’m either pretentious or a porn seeker. I’m not denying the second accusation in a broader sense, but she does say it like it’s a bad thing; like being a fan of the show makes me shallow. So if I appreciate that "The L Word" excels at erotic content, because it’s a rare thing in television; if I think the reason it works so well and is so genuinely sexy is because the characters are all well written, well acted, three dimensional, recognisable characters who (mostly) behave like human beings (again, a rare and wonderful thing in television), I’m pretentious? Or *worse* my goodness, a “porn seeker”? First of all, there’s a big difference between the fuck vids I watch on X Tube or whatever (when I want porn I do know where to go, lady) and the stories surrounding the attractive, flawed, interesting women on "The L Word".

No one accused "Sex and the City" fans of watching it for the “porn”, despite the fact that there was as much sex in it as there is in TLW. The reason? Because the sex in SatC was very rarely erotic. It was funny and refreshing, but it generally wasn’t hot. But because "The L Word" does sex in a way that's *actually sexy*, suddenly that's the only reason I'm watching and enjoying?

For fucks sake that deserves *praise* not flippant condescension.

Signed: mskatej, Porn Seeker.
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