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Scripts you want; Due South pilot

It's about time I told you all about the two most useful Greasemonkey scripts in the world, and how they will change your life. The first thing you will need to do is start using the Firefox browser (when you're on LJ anyway). (I actually use IE, FF and Opera in tandem, but that's neither here nor there.) You then need to download Greasemonkey. There are hundreds of scripts you can install once you've got Greasemonkey dl'd, but the first one you want to get yourself is the LJ Thread Unfolder, with "Unfold All".

No more clicking on every thread in busy posts! You just need to click once on the Unfold All button and every single comment will be visible on one page.

[Wank lovers, this script also works over at journalfen. Go to: Tools; Greasemonkey; Manage User Scripts; LJ Thread Unfolder with "Unfold All"; add "http://*journalfen.net/*" to the Included Pages box.]

And if you think that's cool, you will flip out with joy over the exceptionally awesome LJ Hook.

I thought the best way to show you what LJ Hook can be used for is to take some screen shots of what happens when I right click in the post box (this also works with comments, of course):

This is the result:

See, and to post these pics was as easy as: right click; LJ Hook; Insert; Image; From clipboard (after saving the pic url in my copy & paste buffer).

The only (possible) downside is that it randomly selects icons for you rather than always picking the default. You can change the icon in the normal way, but it does mean you can't be lazy; you always have to check to see which icon has been chosen. At first I thought I'd hate that feature, but it actually hasn't bothered me at all, and in fact, I really like it now. As far as I'm concerned, there are no downsides to Hook and many time saving upsides.

ETA: "You can disable this by changing the options for the extension (Tools > Addons > pick the LJ Hook extension and click the Options button and there are several things there you can change." (Info from alicettlg)

LJ Hook!

Feel free to pimp this post if you think your flist might be interested.


In other news entirely, I saw the pilot of Due South last night! OMG. I am completely smitten with Fraser. My flatmate Nina thought Vecchio was brilliant (which he is) and I already love the show a lot. I think it really helps that I've read a few stories in the fandom; it reminds me of when I first bought the Smallville DVDs. I'd read a ton of SV porn already and I felt like I knew Clark and Lex intimately, so there was no chance I *wasn't* going to enjoy actually seeing them in the flesh (as it were). And Fraser reminds me of Clark. He's so clean cut and pretty and polite, and characters like that? Are just *begging* to be turned into porn stars.
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