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I joined LOVEFiLM yesterday, which means I can now catch up on a number of your favourite TV shows. First on the list was S1 of Due South, because I’ve been reading DS fic and I really want to get to know Fraser better because he’s hilarious. I know I have to wait two whole seasons before I meet Ray K, but I’m the kind of girl who needs to see things from the beginning. I like canon!

I have a number of other things on my list, including Veronica Mars, Sports Night, Weeds, Roswell, Entourage, The 4400, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls and Dark Angel S2 (plus a bunch of movies of course). Have I missed something you think I should see? Let me know!

SGA will be added to the list MAYBE. First I will watch the discs svmadelyn is sending me (along with S1 of the US version of Queer As Folk), and if I like it then I will be able to get the rest through LOVEFiLM. WHOO!

I’m watching Supernatural on Sunday nights in the UK. I’m five episodes into season 2 now and it’s just as bad as I remember, although Dean is hot when he cries.

Brits – you know that Friday Night Lights is showing on ITV4 every Wednesday at 8pm right? Sucky channel, I know, but best show on TV, so if you have digital, please watch.

I miss Smallville.

Smallville is very much in my good books at the moment, and even though I’m a TV hor and watch a million other shows (with more on the horizon soon!) none of those other shows have Tom Welling or Michael Rosenbaum in them. None of them are as gay and colourful and pretty and daft as Smallville. *CUDDLES*

I've been lazy with my writing recently. I might attempt to write something this afternoon. Perhaps something involving Clark on red K doing obscene things to Lex with his fingers.

ETA: I almost forgot. John Travolta is gay.

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