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PSA; The Black Donnellys pilot; The Wire (s1)

Quick PSA: I don’t give a fuck how old you are as long as you don’t annoy me. I even removed the NO KIDS ALLOWED joke from my user info just so that’s perfectly clear.

The Black Donnelly’s was great. I was sort of indifferent to it (in that, I could appreciate how well made it was but I didn’t really *care*) until the final scene. Because, you see, Tommy was the only character I loved, and then...to see him lose his soul, deliberately, just so he could save his brother’s life...that cut deep, it shocked me, and it made me cry, which is pretty spectacular work for a pilot. Of course, while I am devastated that Tommy is no longer Good, his walk at the end was teh SEX. I like Jonathan Tucker lots and he has been officially added to my list of boyfriends. *points at new icon*

I finally bought season one of The Wire and I’m in love with it (as I knew I would be). It’s easily the best cop show I’ve ever seen-–hardly surprising given that it’s HBO-–and what’s really awesome about it, if you don’t already know, is that we see things from the criminals’ (drug dealers) POV as well as from the cops’. The “bad guys” are real, three dimensional characters, a number of whom you find yourself caring about. tommychivs! There’s a scene in an early episode that I think you will enjoy. One of the crims (the sympathetic, conflicted D’Angelo) teaches two of the young boys in his team how to play chess, by using the criminal world they live in as a (rather genius) metaphor for the rules.


QUOTE OF THE DAY. Sienna Miller on drugs:

"They're fuck loads of fun. If I had a drug of choice it would be magic mushrooms."

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh Sienna... ♥
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