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Prison Break 2.18; Friday Night Lights 1.18

Prison Break, 2.18: The Road To Freedom

Uh...okay, so I guess that's goodbye to C-Note, one of my favourite characters. A true hero and a good man. Thanks a lot, Prison Break. I'm right that the episode finished before we see him actually die right? So I guess I could hope for a miracle. Or maybe I'll just glare angrily into space instead.

It's not that I didn't enjoy the episode, because it was very well done, it's just...okay, I would really love for the boys to blackmail the president into pardoning them, but do you know what's going to happen instead? Kellerman's going to kill her. I mean, I could be wrong of course, I'm not spoiled, but OF COURSE THAT'S WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

Ooh, I did like finding out that Sara's family friend guy was actually a goodie! We need all the goodies we can get on this fucking show.

Friday Night Lights, 1.18: Extended Families

So Waverly is bipolar then. What I like about that turn of events is that we'll get to see how Smash deals with it, because being in a relationship with a manic depressive is difficult and incredibly emotionally demanding. But he loves her enough to try and that rocks.

When Coach says (grumpily of course) to Julie that he heard everything her mother said and she better listen to it because "she's always right" I fell in love with him all over again. I CAN'T HANDLE HIS AWESOMENESS. He's so fucking sexy and grumpy. GUH.

A number of things made me cry in this episode: Lyla with her "you're different, your new friends scare me, you're changing and I'm not changing with you so this is doomed" bit just slayed me, because it's *true*, and I love that she sees that. Jason, big romantic fool that he is, refuses to accept it and makes it all better again with OTT declarations that don't quite match up to his behaviour. He slipped up a lot with Lyla that day, saying things without thinking them through first (IOW true things), and while I think he believes what he was saying to her at the end, it was still more about placating her than being honest with her. Jason wants to hold on to Lyla even while he's almost gleefully leaving her behind. Interesting stuff.

Even more heartbreaking was Tyra, and her confrontation with Tami was completely marvellous. They're not dissimilar when it comes down to it. Tyra loves her mother just as fiercely as Tami loves Julie; they'd do anything for their family; they're proud, tough, intelligent, sensitive, blonde hotasses; and I think they truly do like each other a lot. Tyra was genuinely hurt that she'd been rejected by Tami (which is the only way a young teenage girl is going to feel after finding out her best friend has been forbidden to see her) and her flip out was both called for and upsetting. The icing on the cake of that scene for me was Tami's reaction: she didn't even consider leaving like she'd been asked to; she explained herself and she apologised. Here is a woman you can't not respect.

Tim being good with the crazy kid is so many kinds of hot it's just silly. Also, I can't wait for him to fuck the sexy neighbour. That's going to happen right?

Matt and Julie are so in love. *whimpers with joy*

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