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The Date.

I had my date with James last night, and it was pretty much perfect.


I’ll get to that, but yeah, we met in a nice pub, we drank wine together, there wasn’t a single uncomfortable silence, he made me laugh, he’s really really nice, really fun, funny, cute as HELL, great Mancurian accent, intelligent, FUNNY, and I totally liked him and I had so much fun and halfway through the night I texted Sharan: OMG HE’S SO SEXY. And the date was awesome, and we’re going to go out for Malaysian food next Wednesday and he definitely likes me. Blah.

But just before the date ended he started talking about...wanting kids (or whippers, as he calls them). Like, he was pretty much talking about how his clock is ticking (he’s turning 33 soon) and it became very very clear to me that he’s not interested in just a little fun, he wants to find the right girl and settle down and have kids ASAP.

Was I on an episode of Sex and the City without my knowledge? The perfect date RUINED because the guy turns out to be desperate for something that I cannot offer him. And even if I *was* the kind of girl who wanted kids at some point (which I’m not btw. Kids do not interest me in the least), you don’t reveal those desires on a *first fucking date*. Jeepers.

Ardour instantly cooled, and suddenly I’m glad he’s not going to ask me to go home with him (despite the hot knickers I was wearing). Of course, I get the impression that he’s not rushing into having sex with me because he thinks we might have a future, which...oh god. IT WAS A FIRST DATE. And I don’t *do* relationships. And I don’t want to get married OR have children. The look on my face when he was talking about it must have said it all because he seemed to instantly regret saying it and asked me to forget that bit. I took his hands in mine and said, “We don’t have to talk about that.”

When we parted at the tube station I gave him a sexy kiss, which made him say “wow”, but I was cranky all the way home. I should have been walking on air!

I bantered with a rather hilarious cockney dude on the tube (I took his paper off him when he was done with it and was appalled to discover that it was Monday’s paper, so I gave him a lot of shit about that, and we were all, "clearly this is not Wednesday's news. This would never happen on a Wednesday" and lame stuff like that which we all found very amusing at the time). He got off at my stop and asked me to go home with him, and I think I would have if he’d been a bit hotter.

girlmostlikely asked me to take a picture of myself for her in my date outfit, so I worked out that my new digital camera has a timer thingee and took a bunch. Here is one of my ass:

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