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Let's talk about porn!

Yesterday I saw a movie called Lie With Me, starring the totally hot Eric Balfour and Lauren Lee Smith (gorgeous chef Lara from The L Word), and the reason I decided to rent it is because it's one of those newfangled art house movies with explicit sex in it. I'm not sure I can recommend it as a great film (it's pretentious and the characters are both difficult to like and to relate to) but I was very impressed with the sex scenes, which were - for the most part - genuinely erotic.

As you know, I like porn, but one of the problems with most porn is that it's about genitals instead of people; so I'm all for this new trend of having real actors playing real characters in a real story and having real sex. There's been a few other movies in recent years with real sex in them (The Brown Bunny, 9 Songs and Shortbus to name a few off the top of my head), and I haven't seen any of them because the overwhelmingly negative critical response put me off: it's not just that the movies were bad, it's that the sex was (apparently) not even erotic. What's the point of having real sex in a film if it's not going to be hot? To be controversial? Fuck off with that bullshit.

Anyway. Do you have an XTube account? They're free so sign up right now, and then you can watch a couple of the sex scenes from Lie With Me, and you'll see Eric Balfour's hard cock, which...YAY. Both these actors are so brave and unselfconscious and attractive. *loves*

Lie To Me, Scene 1

Lie To Me, Scene 2

And as a wee porny bonus, we've got a funny and sexy little vid of Titof chatting in French to the camera about a weird looking sex toy, then fucking it for about 3 minutes. My GOD his cock is awesome.

Titof masturbates!

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