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SV 6.15: Freak

I liked it a lot, even though I found it massively confusing.

Overall it was a trillion times better than Trespass, although none of it quite had the raw emotional power that we got in the final scene of last week's episode. It's a shame Mike didn't get to direct a Clex scene; I would have loved to have seen that. Still, it was a strong, compelling episode, with many lovably ridiculous moments in it.

I do have a major complaint about one aspect of the Clexana storyline that I have to get out of the way before I carry on though: Clark going to the wedding is the single dumbest idea on the planet for FUCK'S SAKE. Why is Chloe encouraging him to go? To prove he's not still in love with Lana? He's her EX BOYFRIEND. Exes are never ever EVER welcome at weddings and there's NO GOOD REASON for them to be there. Oh. My. GOD. *rolls eyes times a million*

*brushes it off*

Cute Asian guy with telekinesis! Sadly he didn't make it out of the episode alive but he was a very appealing screen presence. I also liked Tobias because he was pretty as fuck. Nice casting overall, I thought.

Lex has lost a little weight around his face and looks smoking again, and I fancied him in the tux big time, even though the Lexana remains creepily sexless and weird.

Still, I'm enjoying it more than ever right now. I love that Lex lies his ass off to Lana and that Lana knows it. I love that Lana's all, "I have money," when she's trying to save Tobias. It's not her money, of course, it's Lex's money, but I say good for her for thinking she can use Lex's money against him. Yes yes yes, Lex is up to no good, but that? IS HILARIOUSLY FUCKED UP. She's doing it for the ex! *loves Smallville*

Lex pretends he's a bigot who hates mutants--to bond with the doctor (quite sympathetic until his last scene) whose wife was killed--but that's not the case at all. Lex is a scientist with a lust for power, and his interest in the meteor mutants has precisely nothing to do with bigotry.

"If you've come here with more of the blind kid's complaints they're gonna fall on deaf ears."

OH LEX. You heartless sexy bastard. They're all just lab rats to you, aren't they.

Perhaps someone can explain to me what the point of kidnapping mutants, doing shit to them, fitting them with a tracking device, wiping their memory, then killing them is, because that really wasn't clear. Why did the doctor think he was a dead man if he delivered Tobias to Lex? Who was killing the mutants? And why? Why did the doc think killing Tobias was the only way to save himself? I'M SO CONFUSED PLEASE HELP ME.

Clark was mostly clever, using his powers a lot and in really cool and smart (and wrongsowrongsogood) ways. I looooove that Clark used his super hearing to listen to Tobias's conversation with the doctor so he could find out what was going on, then with the doctor he used his super breath to steal the laptop, then with Chloe he... *wibbles*

Because Chloe's a METEOR FREAK. (Maybe that's why she's so good at hacking! Cool power.)

The torture scene was amazingly sexualised as I'm sure you all noticed. Chloe moans throughout, is naked beneath those flattering silver restraints, and is penetrated with a giant needle. Who else got turned on by that? *hangs head*

It's great that Chloe worked out that she's a meteor freak, because yes, that's the logical conclusion to come to. I really like it when characters on SV don't act like retards.

Then Clark penetrates Chloe with his heat vision (and fingers) and I suspect that's the closet we're ever going to get to those two having sex. I won't lie, I found it hot. (THIS EPISODE WAS VERY HORNY.)

Jimmy is adorkable.

Tobias: "Because the Clark I know is the most normal guy I've ever met." WAY TO FUCK WITH LANA'S HEAD, DUDE.

Lana actually nearly killed a guy deliberately. *raises eyebrow* Thankfully Clark turned up, I guess, although doesn't that mean Clark is responsible for the doctor's death now? The "heart attack" thing was just an excuse right? I continue to be confused (I'm very hungover right now which may be why none of this makes sense). I thought the shot of Lana holding the bullet was great: you could see that the thing in the forefront of her mind was "Clark". I like how smart Lana is these days.

And the Clana scene was cool too; Lana says the bullet must have ricocheted off of "something pretty powerful" and was it my imagination or did Clark LOVE hearing that? The almost imperceptible flicker in his eyes that read to me as: yeah baby, I'm pretty AND I'm powerful. Hot. Just HOT.

Lex swears on the soul of his unborn child that he's telling the truth. Lana doesn't believe a word of it. *dies laughing*

The final scene. NIIIIICE. Lex watches Chloe being tortured like it's PORN. Oh god this episode was hot. I'm so impressed with Mike's direction; he gets that Smallville is highly erotic and while there's never any actual *sex* in the show, the appearance of the show and the subtext is intensely sexual.


It wasn't Lex who was ordering the murders of the mutants? Because I don't get why he would do that, and anyway, he now wants to keep a "close eye" on Chloe, not kill her. (This is the first real instance of Chlex we've had in years. I've never liked that pairing at all, but it was fucking horny seeing Lex perving over that little movie the way he did.)


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