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Studio 60 1.14 and The L Word 4.05

Why does Studio 60 have to suck so much? WHY? I'm officially glad it's been cancelled. (That's still true right?)

What a fucking crock of shit. That episode could not have been any more lame and awful. Jordan and Danny make my skin crawl and if I ever have to sit through another scene featuring Matt and Harriet being dull and annoying with each other, it'll be a million years too soon. *shuns show*

The only thing I like - as ever - is Jack, and unfortunately he's only in the occasional scene. I gasped when I found out that he was separated and that he wants kids (JORDAN'S PREGNANT!) and then they PISSED ALL OVER MY DREAMS with the creepy note and the makeout session from the depths of hell. *KICKS SHOW*

I have nothing left to live for in terms of Studio 60. I'll still watch I guess, because I'm a glutton for punishment, but I won't be mourning it when it soon disappears forever. (Well, I'll mourn the loss of Jack Rudolph, who owns me, but that's it.)

On to hotter and better stuff now.

You know, I love The L Word so much that it might be my favourite show. I know I say that a lot about various different shows, but I'm serious this time! It's just so GOOD. I don't think enough of you guys watch it I really don't, and that's a crime. So rather than talk about the latest episode, I'm going to show you my favourite scene from it, which features Jenny and my two favourite characters, Shane and Alice. Shane is sexy as hell and you will want to have sex with her, and the last line in this clip will totally make you fall in love with Alice, I promise.

Jenny and Alice argue about writing and art, and Alice WINS.

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