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Porn squicks/kinks; words we love to love or hate

You know how one person's squick is another person's bullet proof kink? How some words appeal to us and others don't?

I spent yesterday trying to bash out my superpornsunday fic and I was chatting to txtequilanights throughout the day. One of her notes in the beta was about my use of the word "penis" in the story, because she (and a lot of other people I imagine) dislikes that word used in porn. I understand that because not that long ago I felt exactly the same way.

But as time went on and my tastes changed, things that I previously found icky or out of place suddenly started to appeal. (Although hell will probably freeze over before I ever enjoy men in porn using terms of endearment like "honey" or "baby" while they're "making love".)

I don't know how or why it happened, but I started finding the odd clinical term dropped into a sex scene almost unbearably hot. This is MY kink now, and I don't expect anyone else to share it, but I'm really curious about how other people feel, because it's not unusual for me to use words like "sperm" or "semen" or "penis" in my sex scenes these days. If I wrote het I'd no doubt throw in the occasional "vagina". I'm working my way up to slipping an "anus" into one of my fics at some point (hell, even saying it here right now gives me a little thrill). ANUS.

There are people out there who dislike classic porn words like "cock" or "dick" or "pussy" or "fuck", I know this too (even if I don't understand it *g*).

So let's talk about porn!

Which words bother you the most in porn? Which words do you love like pie? When I say "penis" does it turn you off or does it turn you on? Which porn clichés bug you? Which get you hot no matter what? Who loves rimming? Who hates it? Does it gross you out when guy A licks the come off guy B's chest (or out of his ass) or is that your favouritist thing ever? Deep throating, cross dressing, sex toys, fisting, golden showers (\o/), blood, rape, shmoop, hate fucking, barebacking, cock, penis, asshole, cunt, felch... TELL AUNTIE KATIE ALL ABOUT IT.
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