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Chicks I'd turn for

If I wasn't such a horny, boy-loving whore, these are the lovely ladies who'd be keeping me awake at night:

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Sexy, beautiful, unusual, charming, intelligent, unique. I adore her.

Plus, her brother is super hot.

 And this photo? DAAAAAMN.

Rachel McAdams

Current screen girlfriend. I loved her in Mean Girls and I saw The Wedding Crashes the other day and I loved her even more. She's got that thing. Am planning to see Red Eye just for her.

Jennifer Garner

Okay, so Alias sold me on Jen, but 13 Going on 30 made me fall for her. I had no idea how *funny* she could be. Seriously, she is a gifted comic actress (a theme for me you may note. I like funny women). Although her taste in men is dubious, because you know, if the question is Ben Affleck, the answer is a resounding No Fucking Way.

Allison Mack

She's just gorgeous! The smile, the hair, the body! And she can *act*. And she's *sexy*. And Clark is such a *bonehead* for preferring Lana.

Jessica Alba

Look at her! Well wouldn't *you*?

Eva Mendes

Because she's a fucking babe, with charm to spare. YUMMY!


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