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Query and a few comments on Heroes 1.13


a while back, I saw an LJ post asking people what their favourite kinks were in terms of the couple that they shipped; I was looking for the link, but I managed to lose it, and I remember that you replied to the post (talking, I think, about how obsessed-with-each-other sex was your fandom bulletproof kink).

I remember saying this not that long ago, but I can't remember where or to whom. WAS IT IN YOUR JOURNAL? Any help would be most appreciated. To give you some more info, I'm pretty sure I was talking about Clex and their dangerous mutual obsession with each other, and how awesome and hot that is.

I might have also mentioned a liking of underage sex (as in an older person with a young teenager) because that's a favourite kink of mine too! *boogies hard*

Oh, and I like it when Clark is really reluctant to have sex with Lex but can't help himself. Although anyone who reads my fic knows about *that* kink.

Now I'm just distracting you from the original query! At the same time as making myself horny!

Heroes, 1.13: The Fix

  • Peter and Nathan practically made out AGAIN. What with all the touching and the whispering and the "you're my big brother and I know you love me" or whatever... it's so wrong. AND YET SO HOT.
  • I'm bored with Niki and I just want her story to hurry up already. The psychiatrist might be evil though, no? She's all, "let me talk to Jessica" almost as if she plans to make some kind of deal with her.
  • Mikah has the best power ever. The power to be rich without even trying! NICE.
  • Claire's mother can light cigarettes with her fingers. COOL.
  • Mr Bennett clocked the wind chimes and I predict trouble ahead because I'm clairvoyant.
  • Zach is clearly no longer gay and I'm still angry about that.
  • I liked Mohinder for the first time! He actually seems to know what he's doing (plus, I respond well to cockiness if it feels justified).
  • Christopher Eccleston is too cool for school. ♥

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