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VDay; S60 1.13; Who's hotter?

First, I need to pimp svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game, because it's really important. The sooner you send in your love the better too, because Madelyn has a "system" which won't work if everyone sends her their email at the last minute. I haven't done mine yet but I WILL SOON.

Studio 60, 1.13: The Harriet Dinner 1

This show is making me INSANE. The Jack/Jordan scenes are KILLING ME.


Like, anyone who *doesn’t* ship these two by now? Is on drugs!

I can’t even believe how seriously perfect and sexy and funny they are together. I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY ON THE MATTER.

Oh, except that Jack clearly fucked or is fucking that Hallie woman and that makes me hate her with the fire of a thousand suns. What the hell else could it be? I would appreciate any speculation that doesn't involve Jack putting his dick into that skank. NORA?!

Danny was more tolerable in this episode although I still don’t enjoy any of his scenes with Jordan, and I didn’t find the rooftop thing even remotely charming or interesting. I want that couple to die a quick death, and then I want Jordan to realise that she’s in love with Jack and that Hallie needs to be eliminated.

Tom is a fuckwit for lying to Lucy and Matt is a fuckwit for telling Tom to lie to Lucy. Of course she was going to be at the dinner, you shmuck. That was very predictable and uninspired and lame. I did, however, adore the cute horny drunken viola player. She was in the most recent episode of the OC! I like that actress.

Matt and Harriet continue to bore the tits off me.

Steven Weber is the most awesome actor on the planet and I looooooooove Jack. ♥

And now a game! mailerose thinks that Nathan is hotter than Peter, Michael is hotter than Lincoln, and Dean is hotter than Sam, and I think I agree with her (although I'm not sure who I find hotter out of Dean and Sam). I thought I'd broaden it a little bit so I've chosen the two characters I find most attractive in each of my shows, because that's both difficult and interesting. Then you guys do the same and we all learn stuff!

- Gaeta is hotter than Lee
- Dexter is hotter than Rudy
- Coach is hotter than Tim
- Nathan is hotter than Peter
- House is hotter than Chase
- Shane is hotter than Alice
- Jack is hotter than Sawyer
- Ryan is hotter than Seth
- Michael is hotter than Mahone
- Clark is hotter than Lex (Let me explain. I have never had a preference between Clark and Lex until this season and I still hate myself for admitting this out loud. In my head, and in fanfic, I still love the boys equally and find them equally attractive, but on the show... well MR's not looking as pretty anymore and the Lexana has really been detrimental to Lex's sex appeal so Clark is winning by a hair at the moment.)
- Jack is hotter than Matt BY A MILLION MILES
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