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Studio 60 1.12; Prison Break 2.14; Heroes 1.12;

Studio 60, 1.12: Monday

I love this show but I realised last night that I watch it from a crazy shipper's perspective, and anyone getting in the way of my Jack/Jordan love is a target for me. For instance, I really don't like Danny anymore and I have the following to say to him:


Now, I get that Sorkin ships Danny and Jordan and that Danny's behaviour is supposed to be romantic (and I'm sure all the Danny/Jordan shippers agree with him) but if you're me it is SO HORRIBLE TO WATCH. I'm clinging to the idea that Jordan's *total lack of interest* is because she's actually *not* interested in him and is *genuinely* uncomfortable with his harassment of her, but I fear that it's just a ploy to delay the inevitable, and that soon she will realise that yes, she has feelings for him as well. *PUKES*

I used to like Danny too. This is not nice for me.

One lovely thing that happened was the bitch fight Jordan had with the blonde Illiterate Programming chick, who went to Jack behind her back and then taunted her about being jealous:

"Cause Jack liked it. Uh oh. There's another pretty girl at the dance and this one's not pregnant."

HEE! I swear it, Jordan is deeply in love with Jack and that's why she's rebuffing Danny's advances.

Prison Break, 2.14: John Doe

Hrm. I have to say, I pretty much didn't like how anything turned out in that episode.

We got five stories, all of them so horribly grim that they were difficult for me to enjoy.

T-Bag imprisoning his girlfriend and her kids was hardly surprising but not very convincing. Are we supposed to believe that he actually *loves* her in his own twisted way? It smacks more of the writers trying to think of a reason to keep him in the show, because with the money he now has, he could have escaped. The thing is, T-Bag might be psychotic but he's not *that* crazy. I just don't really care about that particular plot, and it's way too nasty for my tastes.

Similarly, C-Note's wife now being in prison because of him depresses me too much, so I'm no longer invested in his story.

The worst has to be Bellick though. As much as I hate him, I have no desire to see him be tortured in prison. Why is he still in the show? He's utterly pointless now!

I'm undecided about what's going on with Mahone. I guess he's going rogue? Which means there's a chance he'll hook up with the boys, so that's cool, and I can't feel too much sympathy for the man he murdered, especially given what they did to his son. Anyway, I'm delighted he's alive and that he's apparently refusing to do what he's told. Presumably he will go to see Pam and his son now, make sure they're safe, and then... well who knows. He's unpredictable!

Finally, we have the main plot. I was thoroughly enjoying it until Michael called the news channel. That was the first clue that something was about to really fuck with them, and the moment Steadman grabbed the gun I knew what was coming. To be quite frank, that ending was... boring and clichéd. I'm not sure what I would have preferred, and I'm not, like, *surprised* or anything, but it just made me sigh, which is not the ideal reaction to a cliffhanger.

Is the
We Are Totally Fucked Now
formula of PB starting to wear a little thin? *shrugs*

At least Michael and Alex are still too hot to handle and Kellerman is getting cooler by the second. Oh yeah, did I mention how much I'm digging Kellerman? *cuddles him*

Heroes, 1.12: Godsend

Things I liked:

  • I thought Nathan looked hot with stubble and I'm pleased he's finally accepting his destiny as a hero (I hope)
  • Petrellicest
  • Claire and Zach are best friends again. YAY. (Did he seem less gay to you guys? *suspicious*)
  • Christopher Eccletston! It is *always* a pleasure to see this dude
  • Peter's creepy dream

Things I didn't like:

  • Everything else.

Overall impression: MEH.

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