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SV S6 Justice

I am so ill right now it's frightening. You have never seen anyone as ill as me. My hair has gone weird and I've been in my pajamas all day, sleeping and achey and whimpering mostly, and too sick to watch SV. Until just now! A few comments behind the cut.

I felt bad for Lois and I'll miss Ollie's hot body and sexyass costume, but now that he's gone we can concentrate more on Clois. I loved Clark's reaction to Lois holding her lingerie against her body, then talking about bikinis. She's so damn *sexy* and it's always nice to see Clark get hot under the collar because he's so awkward with it (which I find unbelievably charming and attractive).

The Justice team was cool. I even liked Aquaman, but my absolute favourite is Bart, who is completely adorable. ADORABLE.

And Lex was fucking brilliant. He is sooooooooo much better when Lana isn't around and they lit him really well so he mostly didn't look fat and in fact, looked really sexy again. I'm liking the black shirts. Also, he was snarky and actually knew what he was doing, and he wants a PONYTAIL. If Lana stays in Europe or wherever the hell she is and Lex carries on with his extremely inventive torture of freaks and building his freak-army, then SV has a chance at keeping me happy.

I'm starting to get scared that we're not actually going to see Clark hunting down and eliminating any more of the zoners. That closing shot in episode one was filled with such promise, but all we're getting is Clark talking about it, whereas I want to SEE it.

Overall I found the whole thing very enjoyable, although I think a lot of that had to do with the rousing score, which totally ruled.

I can't remember anything else right now because of illness. :*(

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