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SV S6 Hydro

I actually genuinely loved this episode and it might be my favourite of the season so far.


HELLO TORI SPELLING. I can't help it, I like her. Even though she's fugly.

The Clexana story annoyed me in places, just because it's so archaic and there were too many familiar Clana clichés in it. Clark suddenly decides that he can make things work with Lana. Again! But then he changes his mind because it's different now. Again!

"If she marries Lex, there's no going back."

What about divorce?

Um. Hearing Lex say "When I was with Clark I would have said yes without hesitating," made me clap like a seal. My God he sounded sincere. Did anyone else have absolutely no problem misinterpreting that scene? THANK YOU SMALLVILLE. YOU WIN.

Of course, Lex is being very creepy with his manipulation of Lana, but I guess it's in character. I think we're supposed to believe that he's so obsessed with Lana that he'll happily trick her into marrying him, happily trap her. But for my own sanity I'm reading it as his special way of getting revenge on Clark for whatever reason, because Clark is the only thing that actually matters in his life. I'm not blind, I don't think Lex cares about Clark in any kind of positive way anymore, and I don't think he's attracted to him anymore, but Clark is still important to him in ways that even he doesn't understand yet.

And Lex investigating Clark is one cliché that will never get old.

Clark is my favourite ever Intergalactic Traveller, but if Chloe already knew that Linda Lake was a meteor freak with super snooping techniques then why did she scream out loud about Clark being an alien? BAD CHLOE. Otherwise I thought she was a good friend who made all the right choices, including lying to Lana at the end. I think one of the main reasons that Lana isn't particularly sympathetic here is because she's been given her answer many many times (a resounding NO) but she still believes that it's her right to be told Clark's secrets. It's NOT. Especially now that she's carrying the child of and considering marrying Clark's ex best friend.

I wish Lana would stop crawling back to Clark and begging him to treat her differently. It's not only repetitive, it's *humiliating* for her. AlMiles might be in love with Lana but they sure as hell don't respect her. Clark never really looks like an asshole when he rejects Lana, but Lana always looks like a victim. And agreeing to marry Lex even though she doesn't really want to is even *worse*. Why can't she just say "no, I don't want to marry you because we've only been together for a couple of months and that's *insane*"? What century is this? Just because she's knocked up she has to get married?

I continue to hate all the Lexana scenes. Will they please break up so Lex can get on with being pure evil. Thx.

Clois is my new favourite pairing on SV. I wasn't expecting that to be honest, so it's a wonderful surprise. Seeing Clark have a genuine crush on someone else (a main character and not just some random guest star) is my favourite thing this season I think. It's so original! Clark has only ever really crushed on Lana (but she never made him smile with excitement like that after their kisses), so yeah. I'm on board the Clois train. TOOT TOOT. Their kiss was totally hot and not just because seeing Clark kiss people is always a treat (that mouth was made for kissing and other sex things, yes it was). I'm also really feeling their chemistry now, more than ever before. And then we got Clark's REACTION. OMG. The look on his face... Now he can get over Lana for good! *rejoices*

I loved Chloe's reaction to the whole Clois thing too - so manic and amused. And Clark's a better kisser than Ollie! I love that SO MUCH.

Do you think we'll get any more Clois this season? Probably not, knowing my luck.

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