Kate (mskatej) wrote,

Clex forever.

I've been so busy at work that I haven't had time to post. Because obviously that's what work is normally for: LIVEJOURNAL.

On the other hand, Madelyn has been educating me. You might not know this because I'm loud and enthusiastic about Clex, but I've actually read fuckall of the fanfic in this fandom (sticking mainly to a few authors and reading their stuff multiple times instead of actually trying to find new authors for the first year), and there are so many treasures out there still waiting for me to read. It's a good thing I'm lazy see!

Mercy might well haunt me forever. HOW HAD I NOT READ THAT STORY? I went to bed last night, having read it that evening, and I was so *tense*. And then (and don't tell anybody this) I kind of sobbed a bit. Yes, I might have sobbed a little bit about the impossible, erotic, romantic, tragic, fuckupedness of the single greatest slash pairing fandom has ever seen.

If it weren't for the suckiness of the show, Clex would have taken over the world by now, I'm telling you.

Tags: clex
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