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Alias Season 5!!!

It is such a great feeling to fall back in love with a show after it's broken your heart. You want to know what I loved about season 5?


SARK. He was only in one ep last season right? Well that was one of the many reasons S4 sucked. I loved his role in the story arc this year and that his first episode contained the only sex scene in the season, and WOWZERS was it a good one. He's sex on a STICK. It also delights me how much Sark admires Sydney, despite that fact that she thinks he's a twat. And that the mission Dixon has for Vaughn and Syd at the end is one that invovles Sark, because it has "sentimental value". Vaughn let him go! I think everyone secretly loves Sark. HOW COULD THEY NOT?

Will Tippin!! Only back for one episode but he was as lovely and charming and funny and fabulous as ever; now taking mortal danger in his stride, and his friendship with Syd is so deep and true that he asks her to be his best man. *HEARTS*

Sloan's end. Possibly the grimmest demise of all time for one of television's most complex and fascinating villains. One thing I adore about Alias is that the evil people in it are three dimensional characters, capable of intense love. Sloan does have a heart but he's driven by his lust for power and his terrifying faith, and that comes before all the people he cares about.

I love that the ultimate goal was immortality, and that yes, Sloan and Irena were right all along. That was *stunning* and (as I'm not one for trying to guess these things) *totally a surprise for me*. Power hungry religious fanatics *would* spend decades searching for eternal life. I now understand what the big deal was! Even better, it makes perfect sense!

And the way Sloan was trapped, alone forever in a hell of his own making... well it made Jack's death tolerable for me. I had, sadly, been spoiled about Jack, which meant I was dreading it for the entire season, but it was such a perfect way to finish his story (he's a true hero *cries and cries*) that I ended up liking it.

Amy Acker! She of the weird shaped nose. I have to say, I'm not a fan of Acker; Fred was a rubbish character who mainly only annoyed me, but she was surprisingly convincing as an amoral mercenary. KUDOS.

Michael Vartan! I'd heard he'd been written out of the show, so when he reappeared in episode 11 and stayed in it for the remainder of the season, I was over the moon. The Vaughn/Sydney love story is one of my favourites on tv; up there with Buffy and Angel, Rachel and Ross, Michael and Sara. I am a sucker for True Love, but only when the actors have awesome chemistry with each other, which MV and JG do.

The wonderful, romantic, hopeful, positive ending: this is how I like my shows to finish, with (nearly) all my favourite characters alive and well and happy.

When did they know it was going to be the last season? I avoided all news about it so I wouldn't get spoiled, but I loved that it felt like a last season for most of it. That it was so epic and that it wrapped up the Rambaldi thing so brilliantly (without dwelling on him too much), and that Sloan got what was coming to him, and that Sydney didn't have to kill her mother and in fact still tried to save her, and that Syd and Vaughn's daughter is special, and that... SIGH. I'm very very happy about it all anyway, and I will miss this show a lot.

Now to watch the extras!

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