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Thank yous; six degrees; rant about transsexualism in the movies

Thank you serenography and anonymous person for my prezzies. Can I do something for you in return? A wee ficlet? PERHAPS SOME CLANA PORN?

Um, because I have nothing to do at the moment, and I have the house to myself, I am being fabulously lazy, sleeping until midday, gleefully following the never-ending Maria wank, eating lots of chocolate, drinking lots of fine wine, and watching lots of telly. I got desperate for new blood and checked out Six Degrees, which, while it's pretty lame in places (some baaaaad dialogue wow), I like Hope Davis a lot. And is everyone else as in love with Campbell Scott as I am? He's a very good reason to watch that show yes he is.

Last night I watched Transamerica, which I'd been putting off, but I'm glad I've seen it because I found it enjoyable. My only issue, and this is a very personal one, is that I resent it whenever women are cast as transsexuals. Because while Felicity Huffman's performance was extraordinary, I always knew that that wasn't really her dick and that her voice wasn't really that low, and maybe I'm being cynical, but I couldn't help wondering whether they cast her instead of a real transsexual because it was... safer? More likely to be watched by conservative people? If they'd cast a real transsexual perhaps the bigots out there might not have given the movie a chance?

It's a tricky one, because acting is acting and she did a fine job. But I could *tell* she was a woman so I was never able to fully suspend my disbelief; even with the most convincingly feminine transsexuals, there are telltale signs. Like I say, it's a personal thing that I doubt many other people get pissed off about.

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