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Merry Christmas Eve!

GINGER!!! I got your card. It made me very happy and weepy. You are a very good friend to send me a card even though I refuse to send out cards myself. *lazy*

And thank you very much for my mistletoe, Talitha. YOU ARE THE BEST. Anyone who wants a snog, should come hang out with me in my user info page. Get it while it's hot!

I hope you all have fabulous christmases, or whatever it is you celebrate, and that you eat and drink too much, and get nice presents, and I hope it snows if you live somewhere cold, and I hope it's sunny if you're from somewhere summery, and I hope you don't fall out with any family members.

I'm feeling festive and soppy today, so: I LOVE YOU GUYS. *smothers flist with kisses*
Tags: christmas, flist
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