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Mariaville: The Lipgloss Years

There’s no better way to learn about our associates in fandom than by their reaction to a really big wank.

Some of us take it very seriously; we follow it closely, we feel angry and hurt and betrayed and disapproving. Some of us find it exciting and funny and we laugh gleefully at the stupidity of people and hope it keeps going and going forever. Some of us don’t care about wank; it’s no skin of our nose if someone we don’t know is making up shit in their own journal, we’re just here to talk about the hotass aren’t we? Some of us refuse to look at the facts, we trust in the good nature of people so much that there’s no *way* we’ll believe that we’ve been lied to. Some of us want to expose the liars and fools and laugh at them at the same time.

Mariaville both divided and united fandom, as all wanks do. Friends became enemies, enemies became friends. To most of us it was pretty clear cut: Someone(s) was up to no good.

I’m still not sure what I think really happened, but to me it looks like alessandra84 decided that she was too boring as she was, so she created althea_astrea, subsequently made up the pregnancy (to get attention, I think. Gifts were just a bonus), then lied about the accident and miscarriage. herohunter may or may not be involved, but if she isn’t, she’s the dumbest person alive, and is also too much of a coward to even attempt to help sort out the mess she helped create. Why anyone still respects her is beyond me. What *is* certain is that Maria DOESN’T EXIST.

Still, she has her supporters. Those who either don’t care that she’s a sockpuppeteer, out to dupe the gullible into giving her attention and gifts, or those who outright refuse to accept that their sweet, cheerful young friend could possibly be a compulsive liar. Supporters of Maria trouble me greatly. There are a few I know who I consider to be good people, but… it’s hard not to think of them as suckers.

So she’s… nice? Is that why some people are being loyal to her? She was also… active in fandom? She did a lot of stuff for SV fandom?? Well, I guess if that’s your criteria for being friends with someone then it might not matter to you if she lied about a couple of million things. Maybe you chatted with her online and she seemed so genuine that no matter what proof is shoved in your face, you’ll not only ignore it, you’ll accuse all those cynical meanies out there of doctoring the proof. “BECAUSE MARIA WOULDN’T LIE TO ME" etc etc.

Personally, I’m a little more discerning when it comes to picking my buddies. It takes a lot more than OTT enthusiasm, indiscriminate recs and epic badfic for me to care about someone. Added to that, I’m allergic to being lied to. It’s the fastest way to make me run the fuck away from somebody, and if I find out I’ve been lied to by a friend? I don’t turn a blind eye, I *confront them*. I make them tell me the truth. Have any of Maria’s “good friends” *asked* her what the hell she’s been playing at? Or do you guys think that a friend should never question another friend? HELP ME OUT HERE BECAUSE I REALLY DON’T GET IT.

It’s like… fandom is full of bullshit friendships. Everyone being nice to everyone, kissing and hugging and saying I love you, when behind closed doors you A) don’t really know them or B) can’t fucking stand them. I know I’ve shocked a few people with some bitchy comments I’ve made publicly (see the previous paragraph. *wins*). I know there are people out there who think that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. My answer to that is WHATEVER DUDE. We *all* bitch. *Nobody* likes everybody else (and if you do, you’re probably retarded). Publicly, anonymously, privately on messenger or email, to yourself inside your head, we *all do it*. And I, for one, am not into being a fake. The majority of time I’m polite and kind (always have been, always will be), but on occasion I’m a bitch! (Always have been always will be.) And God it’s fun (and cathartic) to just say out loud what you really think. Seriously. Ask anyone who participates on fandom_wank or the lol_meme. They’re not evil people, much as my fandom nemesis would have you believe. They *are* honest.

It’s not always sweet or nice or helpful, but in a world where people who secretly hate each other publicly pretend to be BFF, I, for one, find it refreshing as hell.

Heh. This post is so wanky I feel like it should end with an orgasm.

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