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FNL and House

I went to HMV yesterday and bought the first season of House for FIFTEEN QUID. That's awesome. I also bought the Spongebob Squarepants Movie and Bad Santa. *pleased*

I'll be honest, I want to talk to people, but I don't want to put any effort into the content of this post. So my thoughts on this week's Friday Night Lights and House will be brief.

Friday Night Lights 1.10: It's Different for Girls

I love Julie and Matt together and how unconcerned Julie is about her parents to the point where she enjoys rubbing it in their faces, and how Matt tries to act like he's not terrified of Coach. The honesty and transparency of all three Taylors is a delight, and Coach continues to be one of the funniest, sexiest men on TV at the moment; he turns every one of his lines into a gem and god when he LAUGHS? Nothing on earth makes me that happy.

In attempting to prevent Julie seeing Matt, Coach actually tells her she's being sexist by not supporting cheerleaders. *dies* And this: "I didn’t read the whole email but it’s important that we’re all going,” wins for my favourite line of the episode. (fucking hell, this new posting interface spellchecks as I go but in AMERICAN. Fuck you, LJ, not all of your users are from the states.)

Then there was this exchange:

Coach: They had a blanket!
Tami: You're an idiot.

I am happy to see Jason out of hospital and kind of happy that he won't talk to Lyla yet. I'm not especially happy about Tim being in love with Lyla. Smallville has burned me. I can't help getting tetchy when all the hot guys fall in love with the bland pretty girl. Especially when Tyra is so fucking fantastic and easily as loveable as Lyla.

Waverly is great and I like that a love interest has been introduced for Smash. I'm very curious to find out what happened to her in Africa. It was clearly horrendous.

Are we on hiatus now? :*(

House 3.10: Merry Little Christmas

FUCK OFF. That ending was HORRIBLE. Just when I thought we were finally done with that fucking Tritter story, they give us the lamest, most annoying cliffhanger of all time. Apparently it's NEVER GOING TO END. I swear to god, if they keep dragging this out for the rest of the season I will be PISSED. I did like House with the dwarves though - he had hot chemistry with the momma, and I love it when he flirts.

I think I might want to read some porn now. *ponders*
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