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Kate's TV Girlfriends...

I’m back at work. :*(

But this screencap makes me SO HAPPY:

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They're *smiling* at each other. And *gazing*. SIGH.

I was going to list my TV Girlfriends a while back but never got around to it. UNTIL TODAY!

Right, so these are the women I would date if I were a lesbian, which might not be as fascinating to a lot of you as when I listed my boyfriends, but one thing I love about the TV I watch now is that each show (with the exception of one) has proper great female characters in it. Which is actually something I look for (not consciously, but I’m unlikely to fall for a show without great women in it).

Battlestar Galactica

This is the hardest, because I do not know how to choose. Six is my number one, because she’s Tricia Helfer and there is no one hotter on all the planets. But then I have to decide who my back up is out of Roslin and Starbuck. (!) WTF? On the one hand, Roslin is one of the best female characters on television EVER and I love her SO MUCH. On the other hand, Starbuck is so butch and sexy. I just don’t know, so let’s move on.


I love Julie Benz a lot but she’s a bit of a pussy in Dexter, so Ima gonna go for LaGuerta. I like LaGuerta because she’s interesting. Strong, ambitious, vain and self serving, but with a moral centre I respect.

Friday Night Lights

Tammy Taylor, natch. I don’t know who I’m more jealous of: her for being married to Coach, or Coach for being married to her. She is so ridiculously awesome and smart and sexy and funny, I can barely handle it. Tyra’s my backup babe.


I need some jailbait on my list, and that’s where Claire comes in. She’s very cute and sweet and feisty and with lots of potential. If only she’d stop getting herself killed already.


Cuddy. ALL THE WAY. That’s what I call a WOMAN. She can boss me around any time she likes. Cameron is my backup because she’s very pretty.

Prison Break

Not a lot of choice but an easy one nonetheless: Sara. Not only is she a marvellous, heroic, intelligent, interesting woman, she’s totally beautiful.


Clark. Clark is my girlfriend from Smallville. He’s lovely and gorgeous and my hero and his smile is beautiful and his muscles are big and he’s not fat shutup! And and and, he has the best lips and I love it when he wears blue and when he’s being funny and when he saves lives and does good things and I love him so much. Clark! Lex is my backup girlfriend, obviously. The actual females on the show can fuck off.

Studio 60

Jordan McDeere. She’s foxy and quick witted and WAY too young to be doing the job that she’s doing but that just makes her cool and wonderful times a zillion. ♥

ETA The L Word

How could I forget? A show with so many girls and I nearly forgot it!! Shane is the first choice even though she'd make a terrible girlfriend. After her... it's gotta be Alice. Who would be a slightly psychotic girlf, but who is SO funny and such a cute stalker that I wouldn't mind her going nuts on me.

Now tell me yours!

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