Kate (mskatej) wrote,

Fic: Intruder 2/2


Lana decides to drop the subject of the lab even though it’s eating her up inside. She desperately wants to find out what Lex has been working on; she’s certain it’s something dangerous. His evasiveness is infuriating but he clearly has no intention of explaining himself.

Where is this lab he referred to? Why did he have to tell her about it? He should know her well enough by now to know that she isn’t going to be able to just pretend it doesn’t exist.

After dinner, Lana suggests they watch television for a while, which Lex looks less than enthused about, so she attempts to make him more comfortable by pretending to fall asleep. Perhaps if he relaxes he’ll want to actually talk to her. Instead, he stands up, walks over to the bar and pours himself a glass of scotch.

“How about a game of pool?” he suggests blandly, downing his drink in one go.

“Maybe you should slow down, Lex,” Lana says critically, annoyed at herself for being a nag but unable to hold back. “You don’t want your headaches to get worse, do you?”

“Trust me,” he says. “This helps.” He refills his glass and takes another hefty slug. Then suddenly he bursts out laughing, a slightly hysterical cackle that chills Lana to the bone.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she asks.

“Nothing,” he gasps. “Nothing. I just need some air.” He snatches the whiskey bottle from the top of the bar and stalks out of the room without another word. Lana fights the urge to burst into frustrated tears and follows him instead.

She angrily calls out his name a couple of times but he doesn’t turn around. Why is he acting like this?

“What are you doing? Why won’t you talk to me? Why are you lying to me?” Her voice is breaking, every muscle in her body is straining with angry tension.

Lex doesn’t stop walking until he’s standing in the middle of the driveway, clutching the bottle. She stops right behind him.

“Talk to me, Lex!”

He spins around and grabs her by her shoulders. “Shut up!” he yells. “Just shut the fuck up!” He’s shaking her and the look in his eyes is terrifying.

Let go of me,” she bellows, struggling out of Lex’s grip. She shoves him away from her with every ounce of strength she has and he stumbles back, loses his balance and falls flat on his ass, one hand breaking his fall, the other holding on tight to the whiskey.

This isn’t happening. It can’t be happening. She feels angrier than she’s ever felt before.

“You’re sleeping alone tonight,” Lana informs him coldly, before turning on her heel and stalking away from him, into the house. She goes into her old bedroom and strips down to her underwear before climbing into bed and pulling the blankets up to her chin. It’s unlikely that she’ll get any sleep tonight.

What the hell is in that lab?


They meet in the kitchen the next morning and Lex silently prays that Lana’s still too angry with him to want to make up, because if they make up then he will have no choice but to spend the day with her. Which isn’t an option. All he can think about right now is Clark. What is Clark doing? What is he wearing? What is he thinking about? Visions of Clark’s face swim through his mind; Clark above him, his mouth open, jaw slack, eyelids drooping, rivulets of sweat sliding down perfect, sculptured cheekbones…

Lex pushes his seat in so the table conceals his erection and quietly sips his coffee, occasionally glancing over at Lana, who’s staring at him with unbridled hostility.

“Do you have anything you’d like to say to me, Lex?” she says eventually. “Or are you just going to sit there in silence?”

“My ass hurts,” Lex replies.


“You pushed me over last night. I fell pretty hard.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Lana snarls at him. “You’re ridiculous.”

She stands up and glares at him for a long while. “I need to get away from you,” she says. “I’m going out.”

“Where are you going?” Lex asks idiotically.

“None of your business,” she snaps, marching out of the room, her long hair flicking from side to side as if it too is angry.

Lex sighs. He really has royally fucked this up. It’s only a matter of time before Lana finds out the truth and then what will he do?


He grabs the keys to his Aston Martin and makes his way down to the garage.


They’re in Clark’s bedroom again, which is a little risky because Clark isn’t sure when his mother is coming home, but right now it’s more important for them to be comfortable and what are the chances that they’ll get caught anyway?

They’ve already had sex twice since Lex arrived, the duvet has escaped from the bed and is lying in a heap on the floor and now they’re cuddling and kissing and stroking each other tenderly, occasionally murmuring into skin about how good they both feel.

“Lana’s leaving tomorrow morning. Come over. You can spend the night with me.”

Clark nuzzles Lex’s neck and purrs happily. “Okay.”



“Lana knows something’s up.”

Clark draws back and stares into Lex’s eyes. “She does?” He knows he should be more concerned about that because Lana finding out about he and Lex is nothing short of disastrous. But Lex’s skin feels so good under his hands that it occurs to him instead that maybe Lana knowing wouldn’t be such a terrible thing. Although that might just be his hormones talking…

“I think I’ve been acting a little… strangely because of this. And she’s not stupid.”

Clark sucks on Lex’s ear, delighted. “I’ve been making you act strange?”

Lex laughs and then groans as Clark slips a tongue into his ear. “You make me crazy,” he whispers.

Clark likes that a lot, and predictably he’s fully erect again, so he moves quickly between Lex’s legs and stares down into Lex’s eyes rapturously, as Lex smears lube onto Clark’s cock and guides it towards his ass. Clark massages the taut opening of Lex’s body with the slippery head of his cock, then pushes inside.

“I love you,” Clark grunts, completely sincere, and the look in Lex’s eyes tells Clark it’s not one sided. He pumps in slowly, joyfully, and knows now he’ll never be able to live without this.

“You’re beautiful,” Lex grunts, hips rolling under him.

“Where do you want me to come?” Clark whispers into Lex’s mouth.

“All over me,” Lex replies, throwing his head back.

“Oh God, yeah. I’ll come all over you. I’ll cover you with my come.”

Lex gasps his approval and Clark keeps fucking inside until he feels his orgasm start to creep through.

“Oh fuck,” he shouts, as it starts.

The first jet fills up Lex’s ass, but then Clark quickly pulls out and ecstatically watches himself splash come onto Lex’s ass and balls and cock. His stomach and chest. He runs his hands through the fluid and wipes it onto Lex’s cheek, before penetrating Lex again as his climax continues.

He’s being loud, too loud, but he can’t stop it. Intense spikes of pleasure rip through ever inch of his body as he pulls out again, come still spurting out of his cock, never ending, but then a sound makes him turn his head towards the door, just as his mother pushes it open and bursts into the room with a concerned expression on her face.

She halts when she sees what’s going on, clutching her chest; it looks like she might have a heart attack, but there’s nothing Clark can do to stop his orgasm and he’s powerless to do anything other than watch her expression change from horror to embarrassment. He barely makes out the apology she gasps out before hurriedly turning and leaving them alone again.

Lex is motionless beneath him now and squinting over at where Clark’s mother had been standing.

Clark pants through his recovery before whispering incredulously, “Did that just happen?”

He gets a look of wide eyed, faintly amused horror in response. “That just happened,” Lex replies as if he doesn’t quite believe it himself.

“I can’t believe my mother—” Clark’s voice is awfully high pitched. “Oh my God. This isn’t happening. What am I going to do?”

“I think I’d better leave and you’d better go and talk to her.”

“I can never talk to my mother again, Lex,” Clark says grimly.

“Yes, I know the feeling.” Lex rubs his nose with the back of his hand with a frown. “Come on. Let’s go and get cleaned up and then I’ll start making plans to leave the country.”

Clark smiles a little. “It’s my mom, Lex. Not my dad. She won’t try to kill you.”

Lex raises one eyebrow at Clark. “You sure about that?”

Clark winces. “No?”

“Oh God.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you sneak out of here once we’ve showered.”

“We should probably shower separately don’t you think?”

“Why? She already knows. And if we shower separately how am I supposed to give you a blowjob?”

Lex laughs. “I love it when you talk dirty, Clark.”

Clark dashes them into the bathroom and locks the door behind them. He’ll deal with his mother later.


Once Lex has accelerated away from the farm, raising a cloud of dust against the sunset, Clark takes his time walking slowly back to the house.

This is far and away the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to him. His mother. How had he not heard her coming up the stairs?

She’s waiting for him in the living room, just sitting there on the couch staring into space. He walks in and sits in the adjacent armchair, too scared to breathe.

“I was wondering why Lex’s car was in the driveway,” she says quietly. “I heard you- I thought you were in trouble.” She lets out a short humorless laugh.

“Mom, I’m sorry,” he blurts out desperately. “I’m so sorry you saw that. Oh my God.” Clark hangs his head in shame.

“Clark.” A few deep breaths. “What are you doing?”

“Mom, it’s- It’s not what you think.”

“What do I think, Clark?”

“I… I’m going through this… thing. We didn’t plan for this to happen… it just. It wasn’t anyone’s fault.”

His mother has a look of grim disbelief on her face. “What thing?”

“I get these… urges sometimes. It’s hard to control them.”

“What are you talking about, Clark? I don’t understand.”

Clark sighs in frustration. He really doesn’t want to have to spell this out. “It’s like I’m in heat or something,” he mutters.

“In heat,” she repeats. “But you’re male.”

“I know that Mom!” Another sigh. “It doesn’t happen often but when it does… it’s really hard.” Clark cringes at his unfortunate pun. “And Lex walked in on me last week when I was…”

“Okay, okay,” Martha interrupts. “I don’t need to hear the details.”

Clark slumps back into his chair in relief.


He really hates it when she says his name like that. “Mom,” he replies.

Clark.” She shuts her eyes for a long moment. “Is it serious?”

“I don’t know,” he says hopelessly.

“Are you back to normal yet?”


“So it’s probably just because of… your hormones. And it’ll… end. Soon.”

“I don’t want it to end,” Clark confesses quietly.

“But what about Lana?”

They stare at each other. “I know. But I-”

“-don’t say it, Clark. You have to end it. You know that’s the right thing to do.”

Clark swallows and nods.

He has no intention of ending it. His skin already misses Lex’s skin, his mouth, his cock, his everything.

“I think I’ll go to bed now, Mom.” He stands up and walks out of the room, ignoring her calling out his name, and when he reaches his bedroom he shuts the door behind him and strips quickly.

He would give anything in the world right now for the hand on his dick to be Lex’s and not his own.

Clark masturbates and fantasizes about Lex for hours until he finally falls asleep.


Lex goes to bed alone again that night, peaceful yet full of anticipation. Tomorrow Lana will be gone and Clark will come over and spend the whole afternoon and evening and night with him. And then he will destroy everything in his lab.

He jerks off, thinking about Clark, then falls asleep smiling.


“Well this weekend has pretty much sucked,” Lana says matter-of-factly over coffee the next morning. “Are we going to talk about it?”

Lex grits his teeth and steels himself for another scene. Then he stands up and walks around the breakfast counter until he’s standing in front of her. He picks up her hands and squeezes them gently.

“I’m so sorry, Lana,” he says in a low, sincere voice. “I’ve been a very bad boyfriend this weekend and you have every right to be angry with me.” He leans in and kisses her tenderly on the mouth. She winds her arms around his neck and looks up at him unhappily.

“I’m worried about you,” she says, and her voice is full of hurt, her eyes are full of fear, everything about her screams vulnerable.

“You don’t need to be,” he tells her, brushing her hair behind her ear. “Try to enjoy your week.” Another kiss on the mouth. “We’ll talk properly on Thursday.”

Once she’s gone he starts to feel excited about the next four days. Clark is due over here at midday and he already knows he won’t be able to get anything done before that. Or after that, he thinks, grinning to himself.

God, Clark. The most unique, perfect being on the planet - in the universe - and he can’t get enough of Lex. He loves Lex. Lex replays yesterday’s session with Clark over and over in his mind. I love you, he’d said. Clark loves him.

Lex has never felt like this before. He didn’t even know it was possible to be this happy.

He kills time in a blissful daze and at twelve o’clock he sits behind his desk to wait, his laptop open but not on.

By one, Lex is annoyed. Being kept waiting is about Lex’s least favorite thing in the entire world, especially when he’s been looking forward to something so much. He paces grumpily around his office with his phone held tightly in his hand.

By two, Lex is worried. Clark isn’t answering his home phone or his cell phone and yes, it’s a little crazy that Lex has left four messages on it in the past hour, but it doesn’t make any sense that Clark isn’t here.

By five, Lex is enraged. He’s been stood up without an explanation. He can’t leave the house in case Clark turns up and he can’t do anything because he’s too upset.

At six, Lex numbly walks into the den, picks up a bottle of scotch and collapses back onto the couch.

How could this be over already? And now what? They go back to hating each other? Clark goes back to looking at him like he’s the scum of the earth?

It can’t be over, it can’t. Lex needs this, he needs Clark, he needs Clark so much.

The frustration inside him is dangerously close to turning him violent. He’s been resisting the urge to throw his bottle of scotch into the fireplace and the only thing stopping him is the knowledge that it’s such a clichéd thing to do. The other thought in his mind that’s not going away is of the lab.

Clark walks into the room at seven. Hesitant, serious, nervous. Lex is slouching low on the couch with the half empty whiskey bottle dangling from his fingers and a hole in his heart the size of Calcutta. He’s not as drunk as he wants to be because moving even his arm took energy he didn’t have. He looks up at Clark and waits.

Nothing. Not even an apology for his tardiness. He just stands there looking uncomfortable.

“So that’s that then,” Lex says flatly. “You got what you wanted and now you’re… done with me.”

“Lex,” Clark sobs miserably.

“Do you even feel anything?” Lex asks. “At all? Or was it all just… hormonal?”

“Of course I feel something. Lex. I’m sorry.”

“Save it,” he replies bitterly. “Save it for someone whose life you haven’t completely fucked up.”

“I want to… but I- we can’t. We can’t do this to Lana. It’s wrong.”

Lex furrows his brow at Clark’s choice of words. Clark wants to… “You didn’t care much about right and wrong yesterday. Or the day before. Or the day before that.” Lex drops the bottle on the floor, stands up, and has to hold out his arms to steady himself, swaying a little as he does it. “Tell me something.” He walks over to Clark and stands in front of him, and God, he can smell Clark now, and being this close to him might be a bad idea. “Do you have any sexual feelings left or do they just vanish the moment your week of… needing to… mate… is over with?”

Clark couldn’t look more unhappy. “I have them but I can control them now.”

“So you still want me?”

Lex watches Clark swallow nervously.

“Yes, but I can’t. I would never do that to Lana.”

“You’ve already done it, Clark.”

“We have to stop.”

Lex nods. “Yes, you made that clear when you kept me waiting for seven hours today without so much as a phone call.”

“I’m sorry. I needed time to think.”

“That’s a whole lot of thinking you must have done.”

“Lex, this is… this is a bad situation.”

“No kidding! The first good relationship I’ve ever had is ruined because I’m obsessed with an alien who can only stand to be around me when he’s in heat.”

Clark looks mortified. “I want to be around you,” he says quietly. “So much.”

Lex sucks in a breath, suddenly light headed with want. “You can be,” he whispers then hates himself for it.

Clark doesn’t say anything, he just stares at Lex with a pained expression.

“One more night,” Lex blurts out, surging forward and wrapping his hand around the side of Clark’s neck, pressing his lips to Clark’s warm cheek. “Just give me one more night.” He digs his fingers into Clark’s skin and drags his lips over the soft skin of Clark’s face. Clark doesn’t move away. “I want to be with you when you’re normal. I want to be inside you. I haven’t fucked you yet. I need to fuck you.”

Clark’s arms are around him now and Lex can hear him breathing. “We can’t,” he wails softly.

But Lex isn’t ready to give up. He finds Clark’s mouth with his own and opens it up with his tongue, plunging inside mercilessly. Before, Clark found Lex’s desire for him incredibly arousing. Maybe that hasn’t changed… Maybe Clark will keep kissing him back and they’ll go upstairs.

He groans and pushes his body forward, cock making contact with Clark’s thigh, already hard, still needy, forever at Clark’s mercy. “Let’s go upstairs,” he whispers urgently into Clark’s ear, a second before sucking the lobe into his mouth.

“God, Lex. I want to. I really do.”

Don’t let Clark argue, don’t let him think about it. Another deep kiss on the mouth and again Clark responds passionately.

“I want to suck you. Remember how good it feels when you push your cock into my mouth.”

That earns him a low groan and now Lex can feel Clark’s erection against his lower belly.

“I’m going to take all your clothes off, Clark. Lick you all over. Rub my cock all over you. God, you make me so hard.”

They’re both gyrating their hips now in a stand up dance, and Clark’s sucking on Lex’s neck and there’s no way they’re stopping now.

“I have to go, Lex,” Clark moans, thrusting forward. “We can’t do this.”

“Just one more night. One more night won’t change anything.” He starts to scrabble at Clark’s fly, got to get him naked, got to get him past the point where he can even think about leaving. There are hands squeezing his ass and Lex knows Clark’s remembering what it feels like to put his cock there.

“One more night,” he says again, biting into invulnerable flesh.

He’s being pushed away and held away and then Clark’s trying to get away, and this isn’t happening. Lex follows and grabs at Clark’s arms and then in an instant Clark’s at the door, yards away from him, out of reach, and he’s blinking at Lex and looking close to tears.

“I can’t, Lex. I can’t do that to Lana.”

He’s opening the door, he’s leaving, he’s leaving, he’s leaving—

“I’ll break up with her!” Lex shouts and it makes Clark stop. And stare. “Please don’t go,” he chokes out.

Clark squeezes his eyes shut as if he’s trying to block out all of the pain he’s caused, he’s causing, but it doesn’t seem to work because his eyes are still full of agony when he opens them again.

“I’m so sorry,” he says, voice desolate. Then he’s gone.

Lex stays glued to the spot, stunned, shaking, staring at the door in horrified disbelief. Clark will come back, he has to come back.

Lex waits. He waits and waits, until his legs hurt.

Lex goes to bed feeling numb.


Tuesday is endless and unbearable and Lex spends it alternating between devising strategies to win Clark over and hating himself for bothering. He could blackmail Clark, he could threaten to tell the world all of Clark’s secrets and Clark wouldn’t know that he was lying, Clark wouldn’t call his bluff. Dammit. He hates that he cares this much, hates that he’s consumed with it. Hates Clark. Hates him for doing this to Lex, for being so goddamn pious, for being better than Lex is.

Why is it okay for Lex to cheat on Lana but Clark can’t bear to? Clark and Lana aren’t even friends. Why the fuck should he care?

Fencing with Heike makes him feel better for a short while, but when she leaves and he’s back in his civvies, sitting in the den, the ache is back.

The phone rings.

Lex grabs it off the table so quickly he fumbles and it takes a while before he can focus his eyes to see who’s calling him.


Violently, he throws the phone into the fireplace and watches it shatter.

The only thing stopping him going down to the lab is the possibility that Clark might yet change his mind and come over, although the temptation is becoming almost overwhelming.

At eleven o’clock that night Lex takes a twenty minute shower and as the scorching water numbs his skin he concentrates hard on not breaking down completely. He dries himself and rubs expensive moisturizing cream into his skin, watching himself in the mirror as he does it. All over his body, his cock and balls and ass, and he yearns for Clark’s hands on him.

He considers masturbating but it feels too… pathetic, given the current state of affairs.

Instead he wanders out into the bedroom, naked and exhausted, both dreading and craving sleep.

Clark is standing in the doorway.

Lex swallows hard and his chest fills up with nervous anticipation. “Clark.”

Neither of them move at all and Clark doesn’t say anything for a long time, he just gazes at Lex, distraught and conflicted. But he’s here, he’s here, and that means it’s not over.

It’s not over.

“One more night,” Clark says, barely audible.


“You won’t tell her.”

“No. Never.”

Clark takes a few tentative steps into the room and Lex strides over to him quickly, pushing the bedroom door shut, and moving in front of Clark’s hunched frame.

“You look…” Clark’s eyes travel down Lex’s torso and stop when they reach his groin. He starts breathing hard, almost to the point of sobbing, and then Lex is in his arms, and they devour each other.

Soon they’re on the bed, naked together, kissing deep and long and messy and wet. Clark’s back is arched, his penis erect, and thank God he still feels arousal, still wants Lex like this.

It’s different this time. Clark is less ecstatic, more focused. Less joyous, more intense. When he touches Lex it’s as if it’s for the first time, but it’s not wonder he’s feeling… it’s more than that. It’s hurting him that he needs this so much, and Lex understands that more than he’s ever understood anything.

When he sucks Clark’s cock into his mouth he listens carefully to Clark’s helpless whimpering above him and he knows he can never let go of this. He’ll do anything to keep it. Anything.

He moves his head up and down, sucking as hard as he can until hot liquid fills his mouth to the brim, and Clark is a wreck of shuddering bliss, flat on his back with his knees bent and his legs spread wide, not going anywhere.

Lex doesn’t swallow, but instead dribbles the semen from his mouth into his hand, sits up on his knees and covers his throbbing cock with it.

“Turn over, Clark,” he gasps. “I need to do this right now.”

Clark stares at him with his mouth open and his breathing harsh, then obliges.

No preparation, because Lex can’t wait, and Clark doesn’t need it. He positions himself between Clark’s thighs, pulls one of Clark’s ass cheeks aside, gazes at the dark crinkled hole then massages it with the head of his cock. Then he pushes himself inside. He sinks in slowly and it’s not easy; so tight, but eventually he’s fully encased, his cock as far up Clark’s ass as it can go.

And Clark just moans with pleasure.

Lex starts to pump his hips.


Lex is inside him. Big hard cock inside him. In and out with long slow thrusts, Clark’s name on wet, chafed lips.

Clark never could have imagined how good it would feel. So good that he knows it was the right thing to do to come back. Stressing over this has consumed him since yesterday morning, when he woke up feeling normal again.

At first he was worried about how Lex would react to him ending things, but it didn’t take long for him to start worrying about whether he’d even be able to end things, and God, saying goodbye to Lex yesterday had been traumatic.

A week ago, he’d felt nothing but anger towards the man on top of him now.

A lot can change in a week.

“Harder,” he grunts, and Lex shoves in with even more force.

“I’ll fuck you so hard,” Lex whispers shakily. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.”


Clark moves his ass in perfect time with Lex, meeting him for each brutal thrust, making sure Lex’s cock goes in deep each time, as deep as possible, and Lex is getting closer and closer to the edge. His groans are hard edged and pained, his thrusting fast and ragged and vicious.

“I’m gonna come in your ass,” he rasps. “Gonna come-“

Suddenly still, deep inside. Out, then in. Lex holds himself in.

Out, then in.


A wet forehead on Clark’s back and then Clark feels Lex pull himself out and collapse on top of him.

They remain motionless for many minutes.

Until Clark can’t wait a second longer to see Lex’s face. He rolls over and draws Lex into his arms, staring into his eyes, which are dark and full of amazement and fear.

So exposed, so honest. It’s been years since he felt anything approaching this kind of connection with Lex. It’s hard to remember why he hates him, why he doesn’t trust him, why they are wrong for each other in every way.

But he also knows that even though this feels like love, it might not be.

It might be just sex; sex that’s so good he can’t stop wanting it, and that gets mistaken for love by a lot of people. Every celebrity in Hollywood. They get married too quickly because they’ve found some other beautiful person to have lots of amazing sex with and then… they discover that they barely even like each other.

That’s not real love. Real love lasts. Real love is what his parents had, what… hardly anyone else he knows has. It’s what he wants. And this

Lex tastes so right to him, feels so good under him, looks so beautiful. When they kiss Clark thinks he might never get tired of this. This…

“Stay the night,” Lex murmurs into his ear.

Clark has no intention of leaving again.


Lana walks in to Lex’s house on Thursday evening with her overnight bag slung over her shoulder and a smile on her face. It disappears when she sees Lex, and Lex wonders what he must look like.

“What?” she asks slowly, suspiciously.

“Lana,” he says dully. “I have to… we have to talk.”

She knows what’s coming; Lex can see that in the way her cheeks and mouth slacken, and the way her eyes go dead. She doesn’t want to hear this.


She’s not asking Lex why they need to talk, she’s asking him why he’s breaking up with her. He can’t tell her the truth and he doesn’t want to, even though lying to her is difficult. They were always honest with each other in a way Lex has never had with anyone else, least of all Clark.

“I don’t love you anymore,” he says, because it’s the quickest way to end this, not because it’s true.

Her lip trembles and she stares at Lex, eyes stormy with hurt and anger.

“And when did that happen?” she asks in a low voice.

“I’m so sorry, Lana. I care about you, more than I can say. But this relationship… it doesn’t have a future.” He moves forward, needing to touch her, but before he can grab hold of her arms, she shoves him away from her and stumbles back.

“Don’t touch me,” she spits. She looks like she might cry.

“Lana.” This hurts more than he would have expected. “Please don’t cry.”

“I hate you,” she says, sucking in a shuddering breath. “I hate you.”

She spins around and runs out of the room, leaving Lex alone. He blinks slowly and it takes him a few moments to realize that every muscle in his body is rigid with tension.

What has he done?


Clark sees Lex every day. They spend most of their time in bed, sleeping and fucking and occasionally talking about trivial things.

Lex broke up with Lana last Thursday and it’s exactly a week later. Clark spent five out of seven nights in the mansion and the other two he stayed at home and Lex snuck in after midnight so they could sleep together. They even managed to have extremely quiet sex both times, before falling into a deep sleep, wrapped around each other, together until dawn, when Lex was forced to sneak out of the house unseen by Clark’s mother.

Who confronted Clark for the second time last Thursday.

He’d been nervously killing time in the barn, clearing it up and doing more chores in the space of a few hours than he’d done in the entire preceding week.

“What’s going on, Clark?” Martha had asked him, although not in a concerned way, more in an impatient way.

“Nothing!” he yelped.

“Is it Lex?”


“Is he the reason you haven’t spent a night at home since Monday?”

Clark didn’t confess straight away, but when his mother brought Lana up again, he got defensive. “He’s breaking up with her right now,” he blurted out. And she’d gone quiet.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” she said quietly, her worried eyes fixed on Clark’s chest, as if looking at his face was too difficult for her.

She turned and walked out and they haven’t spoken much since. It’s not that Clark’s avoiding her; it’s that he can’t stay away from Lex.

He eats dinner with her tonight and they have a nice time chatting about everything except Lex, but he still can’t wait to leave. To go to the mansion. Where Lex is waiting for him.

“Gotta go,” he says, kissing her on the cheek. She pulls away a little, looking unhappy, but she doesn’t say anything.

Clark sprints to the mansion in record time and finds Lex in the den, sitting by the fire drinking brandy. He watches as Clark advances on him. Clark strips off his jacket and drops it to the floor as Lex stands up and moves forward.

The moments just before they touch are always thrilling for Clark. The look of desire and love in Lex’s eyes and the way his lips are parted, ready for Clark’s mouth and tongue, make it impossible for Clark to breathe quietly. Lex walks into Clark’s embrace with an appreciative groan, and they suck on each other’s mouths passionately for about a minute.

“Let’s go to bed,” Clark suggests demurely, picking Lex up and cradling him in his arms, loving the feel of Lex’s legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

Lex’s eyes flare up in agreement, and Clark dashes them up to the bedroom, not bothering to shut the door behind him and stopping next to the bed. He kisses Lex on the mouth and sets him down on the floor.

They stand in front of each other and smile dopily.

Lex calmly unbuttons Clark’s jeans and pulls down the zipper. Clark pushes his jeans down over his hips and enjoys Lex’s amused laugh at his lack of underwear.

“Nice,” Lex says, with a quirk of his eyebrow. He takes Clark’s cock in his hand and starts to stroke.

“That feels good,” Clark breathes out, staring down at the head of his cock as it peaks out the top of Lex’s moving fist again and again. He starts moving his hips.

“You like the way my hand feels?” Lex asks sleepily, moving it quicker.

“Yeah,” he sighs.

They look at each other.

“I like the way your mouth feels too,” he says.

Lex smiles and leans in, pressing his cheek against Clark’s. “Oh do you now?” He squeezes Clark’s cock tightly. “You want my mouth?”

“God yeah.”

Lex moans and drops gracefully to his knees.

They spend the next two hours having all kinds of sex. Clark could keep going but Lex is exhausted, flat on his back with his eyes closed and a smile on his face, so Clark settles down on his side and watches as Lex falls asleep. He idly fingers Lex’s face and head and chest and occasionally presses his lips to random spots of soft white skin.

He’ll be happy watching Lex sleep for hours.


It’s a different kind of Thursday from normal.

Normally Lana would arrive at Lex’s place and they’d have dinner together and they’d get an early night and they’d make love. Normally Lana would be happy and excited to be in Smallville, as opposed to bitter and furious. She doesn’t even know why she had to come back today, but she did.

It’s all under the guise of getting her things from the mansion, cutting off all ties quickly, so she has no reason to ever see him again. But she knows that’s bullshit. She wants to see him…

Not because she wants him back, no. Because she doesn’t understand. All week she’s been wracking her brain, trying to work out what happened, trying to pinpoint the moment when things changed, when Lex stopped being her boyfriend.

The weekend two weeks ago haunts her; she knows that’s the key. It was then. Lex wasn’t acting like himself and she found out about the lab, and there were problems at work, but… it still doesn’t add up. He’d avoided spending time with her and sleeping with her and… he’d… he’d gone out a lot without her.

Where had he gone?

Lana’s certain it wasn’t to the plant.

Someone else?

If that’s the case Lana wants to hear it from his own treacherous mouth because being confused isn’t sitting well with her.

Eight months of her life… and she’d loved him too. She still does.

She lets herself into the mansion with her key and wanders inside, steely determination in her walk, the familiarity of the place only hardening her resolve. She wants some answers and she’s not leaving here without them.

Where the hell is Lex? Not in his office or the den, which means he’s probably out, because they’re the only two rooms Lex is ever in when he’s at home, and it’s far too early for him to be in bed.

Dammit. Lana was ready for this confrontation and she’s well aware that another day she might not be quite so ready. She suddenly feels exhausted and emotional; it looks like this entire trip was wasted and that she’ll have no choice other than to jump in her Miata and drive back to Metropolis.

She holds back a sob and turns around, about to walk out of the den and out of the mansion and out of Smallville, resigned to that course of action, when she notices the red jacket.

Frowning, she walks over to it slowly, bends over and picks it up.

It’s Clark’s. She’d know this jacket anywhere. What is Clark’s jacket doing on the floor? What’s it doing here at all? She shakes her head reflexively and carelessly hangs the jacket over the arm of the couch.

She looks around nervously.

“Clark?” she says cautiously.


She creeps out of the den and into the hall, fear welling up in her stomach, her heart beating loudly, her hands unsteady. If Clark’s here then something is probably wrong. He’s only ever here when there’s danger afoot, which means that Lex is probably in danger.

And God, if that’s the reason he broke up with her; because he’s in danger and wants to protect her, then… well that changes everything.

She begins to search the mansion, quickly, checking each room as she passes it, heading up the staircase as quietly as she can and making her way towards their - Lex’s - bedroom. From down the hall she can see that the door is open and that there’s a faint light coming from the room. She sticks close to the walls and silently inches her way towards the door.

She peers inside. The darkness of the hallway provides cover for her, as she would otherwise be visible to the two people on the bed.

The two people on the bed who are … Lex and Clark.

Lex and Clark.

Naked save a sheet which is pulled up over their hips, and Lex is on his back, sleeping, lip curved up, the very picture of serenity. Clark is not asleep. He’s lying on his side, fingers touching points all over Lex’s torso. Occasionally he touches Lex’s head and face and neck, lightly dragging his thumb over Lex’s mouth and chin. There’s a look in his eyes that Lana’s never seen before.

He places a slow kiss to Lex’s shoulder, and she watches it linger, watches Clark’s tongue slip out to lick at the skin.

This cannot be happening.

She feels like an intruder, as if she’s seeing something she has no right to see, and yet… how is this not her business?

Lex and Clark.

This is why Lex left her.

She gapes at them, wanting to throw up, wanting to walk away, to not care, to turn back time, to not even know them. Tears spring into her eyes at the same time Lex slowly opens his and smiles up at Clark.

Clark smiles back then kisses him on the lips, and it’s so passionate Lana wishes she had a knife in her hand so she could cut herself just to stop this pain.

There are tears rolling down her cheeks when she steps into the room. She doesn’t bother to disguise the torment they’ve caused her.

They look over at the same time and Clark’s expression shifts instantly from bliss to horrified shame, as he quickly moves away from Lex so they’re no longer touching, ruffling up the sheet around his crotch, presumably to hide the fact that he’s aroused.

Lex looks similarly shattered, mouth hanging open, eyes full of remorse.

“Lana,” he whispers.

It’s hard to speak. “You cheated on me.” Her voice doesn’t sound like her voice. “You and Clark. You…” Incredulous…

“Lana, I’m-“

“-you look like you’re in love with each other,” she interrupts dreamily. “Are you in love with each other?”

They don’t answer her, which is answer enough.

“How could you do this to me?” She doesn’t know who her question is directed at.

“We didn’t plan this, Lana,” Lex says, a note of pleading in his voice. “It just happened.”

“Right.” Lana feels more angry than hurt now. “Tell me. How does something like this-” she gestures to the two of them, “-just happen?” She doesn’t wait for an answer before continuing. “You know, it’s funny. I came here thinking I wanted to know why you left me. How naïve I was.”

She hears Clark mutter, “I should go,” and watches him attempt to crawl out of the bed without revealing his nudity, eyes searching frantically around for something to put on.

“No,” she growls. “I think you should stay. I think you should stay exactly where you are.” She gazes at Clark. “You know, Clark, I might have expected this from him… but… for all your faults, I never pictured you as a… mistress.”

“Lana,” Lex says like a warning. “This isn’t Clark’s fault.”

“Ha!” Hysteria is building inside her. “So it’s all your fault, is it, Lex?” What do they take her for? “Clark is an innocent.”

“I’m not,” Clark says miserably. “I knew it was wrong, I knew it. I knew it would hurt you if you found out but I did it anyway.”

“Right. Because you hadn’t quite hurt me enough, is that it, Clark?”

Lex jumps in again, as if defending Clark is the most important thing on his mind. “I was the driving force behind this, Lana. I’ve… I’ve loved Clark for years. He tried to end it but I wouldn’t let him.”

“Fuck you!” she shouts. “Fuck you both!” Angry tears spill out of her eyes and nothing has ever hurt this much before, nothing. “I hope he doesn’t lie to you, Lex. I hope he treats you better than he treated me.”

Neither respond. She wants to crush them.

“And Clark…” there’s mad laughter in her shaky voice. “… make sure Lex doesn’t go down to his secret lab too often. It’s been giving him headaches.”

She doesn’t wait for a reaction, she just walks out, somewhat dazedly.

They’ll never make it as a couple. Never in a million years.

She starts her car.

She drives to Metropolis.

She gets horrendously drunk and passes out on the floor of the living room that Lex owns.



“Well that was in no way fun,” Lex comments gravely.


“On the bright side, this means we don’t have to keep our relationship a secret.”


Lex looks at Clark and smiles a little. “You okay?” he asks, reaching for him. Clark nods and smiles back.

“I love you,” Lex says. “And Lana will be okay.”

“I know,” Clark replies, crawling into Lex’s arms. “Lex?”

Lex raises his eyebrows questioningly. “Yeah?”

“What secret lab?”

The end.

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