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House MD season 3

Thanks to Peekvid, I'm now all caught up on House. (9 episodes in three days! My life is so pointless and fun!)

I really love this show and it's extremely well done, but I'm not enjoying the main story arc this season. It's not that it's not a good story, because it is, it's that I *hate* that fucking cop. I hate him. I hate what he's doing and why he's doing it and everything else about him. Yes, House is a prick and yes, House could have put a stop to this had he not been so... House. And House is doing absolutely nothing to help himself or anyone else, not even Wilson (whose life he has fucked over).

But also? House is not wrong. The cop is a mean bully with a personal vendetta who sincerely believes that drugs are bad mkay no matter what the circumstances. For God's sake! House is a junkie but the Vicodin does not actually interfere with his work, and in fact, if he *doesn't* take enough of it he makes Cuddy cry, he punches Chase and he nearly chops up little girls. The cop doesn't give a fuck about the fact that he's persecuting a brilliant man who saves lives *all the time* (whilst high). The cop doesn't even consider that by going after these doctors, *people might die*. And I just... I can't wait for this arc to be over, but I fear it's not going to be for a while. It's just such a *mean* story and it's not sitting well with me. Are we really expected to be worried that House will end up in jail? He's the main character of the show! Which means we already know the outcome, and the entire thing is just a cruel waste of my time. God I hate that cop.

On a more positive note, Cuddy is wonderful and I love her. I want her and House to shag.

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