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SV S6 Subterranean


I have no clue what everyone's problem with that episode was.

For starters, it was no more retarded than anything else we've been given this season. Secondly, Clark looks hot in blue. Thirdly, Lex was freaking fantastic.

Yes, I could do without the Lexana, which still grosses me the fuck out, but that Clex scene rang my bell. They stood so close to each other! And Lex looked really hot and bitchy and even though they hate each other or whatever, they have so much chemistry that it's impossible for me not to enjoy their rare scenes together. I'm not sure why Clark thinks barging into the mansion and accusing Lex of murder is a useful thing to do but I'm not complaining. And it amuses me that Lex is all "you're not welcome here" even though Clark was escorted in by one of Lex's security guards. HAHAHA. Oh boys.

Another thing I liked about this episode was that it was Clark-centric. God he's pretty. Also, I've developed something of a kink for Clark dealing with kids because it means we'll get to see him smile a lot and be charming. GUH.

I won't even talk about the plot because it was so dumbass, but that ending? With Lex walking through the hall, past all the grabby hands? THAT WAS GOLD YOU GUYS. SOLID GOLD.

I can't believe I actually enjoyed that and that I'm looking forward to the next episode and that I found Lex sexy again. I guess having low standards is finally starting to pay off. YAY.

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