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Friday Night Lights, S109: Full Hearts

LJ's all christmasy. title or description

I’m off work today SICK. Which is weird because I don’t get sick often, but we have our work Christmas lunch tomorrow, so I figured I’d better take the day off to try and heal/prepare myself for half a day of heavy drinking.

I want to do an indepth review of this week’s Friday Night Lights, but my brain is all fuzzy so just some quick, general comments and squee behind the cut.

I love the way Coach treats everyone. Calling Landry Lance, and then not really caring/understanding when Landry corrects him, because he’s got more important things on his mind, like the fact that sweet little Matt is taking his daughter out on a date. Every single aspect of his protective father routine filled me with glee, especially when Matt turned up at the house and Coach was all, wtf is up with the member’s only jacket? (Can someone please explain to me what a member’s only jacket is? Thx.) And then this:

“You want a beer?”

“No thanks I’m driving.”

“I was joking”

HAHAHA I LOVE MATT SO MUCH. I love that he A) took the offer seriously and B) turned him down because he’s so responsible. And I love that Coach delivered the 'I was joking' line as if Matt is totally retarded. ♥

I was terribly embarrassed for Matt over the “I’m a football player” thing at the movie theatre, but if Julie didn’t fall madly in love with him during the Mr Sandman scene she’s made of tougher stuff than me. I also find it strangely believable that Matt isn’t even thinking yet about getting into Julie’s pants. Or rather, that he would never ever admit to thinking about it. What do we make of her running away from him after he kissed her at the end? I thought the kiss was fabulous, personally, and I wish she’d acted just a *little* bit more pleased about it. I mean, he’s so incredibly gorgeous.

I don’t have a lot to say about Smash, although I do love his family like cake. I hope he doesn’t get too heavily into the steroids, but I am pleased he’s now talking to his sister about it (is she older or younger than him?).

Lyla and Tim are really paying for what they did, which I suppose is fair enough. Fucking your crippled best friend’s girlfriend is low, and Tim knows that and he accepts his punishment. I liked that the team gave him props at the end for taking it like a man; they’re not interested in totally ostracising Tom, only in letting him know how they feel about what he did. Lyla, OTOH, isn’t used to being bullied, and the only way she knows how to cope is to hide away from everyone and cry. She’s all alone now, and I feel for her.

It’s been obvious since episode one that Tyra has feelings for Jason, and that’s the reason she can’t forgive Tim for sleeping with Lyla: “Anyone but her!” Also, Lyla is the perfect little cheerleader type that Tyra both despises and envies. I must admit, I think Jason and Tyra have fantastic chemistry with each other and I would absolutely love to see that relationship developed (which I’m pretty sure we’re going to).

Needless to say, I loved it. This show rocks like no other.

Oh, the other thing I’ve discovered is Peekvid, which omg, is soooooo great. Because last night while I was waiting for FNL to download I watched the first two episodes of S3 of House! Guess what else I plan to do this afternoon?

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