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Corrupting my momma!

I got an email from my mother this morning and she says to me: “You were going to send me a story you have written. I'd still love to read it.” I hadn’t exactly forgotten that I told Mum I’d send her something, but I had kind of thought that maybe she was just being polite and wasn’t actually interested, so I didn’t.

But she asked for it! And I gave it to her. Not MY fic of course. I told her that she had to read some other stories first to see if she liked them and then I might consider sending her something I’d written. One of my many PG stories perhaps...

So I just sent her links to a bunch of Jenn’s stories and I told her that if she doesn’t become addicted to SV fic after that then I can’t help her. I figure if she sees that there are truly great writers out there writing dirty porn about hot boys fucking asses and sucking cock and coming all over each other and whatnot, then it won’t be so traumatic when she gives my fic a try. *genius*

A couple of interesting stories from the Holy Moly newsletter that you guys may or may not be interested in:

There was panic on the set of 'Torchwood' when a vital prop went missing. The prop, essential to continuity, was a large glass eye, which will form part of a recurring plotline. Cue much rushing around and frenzied searching by all and sundry.

Eventually it was discovered by... John Barrowman who squealed, "I've found it!" Once he had everyone's attention he pulled down his trousers and bent over, revealing his brown eye and another... brownish eye, which he gently popped from its puckered mounting.

Martyr of the day was the props man who had to scrub the greasy eye before the other actors would go near it.

Quite rightly, the condemnation of Michael 'Kramer' Richards was universal following his mental racist rant whilst performing at a comedy club.

Surprising then, that sales of 'Seinfeld' DVD have increased by more than 7000 per cent since the outburst and subsequent simpering apology.

Even more surprising is that Amazon would highlight this fact with a press release entitled 'There's No Such Thing As Bad Publicity!'

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