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STUDIO 60 S1, 11: The Christmas Show

OMG. Jack and Jordan. OMG. They care about each other. They know each other. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I COULD DIE. Their scenes together are the most intensely electric scenes in the entire show. Please tell me, am I reading too much into their relationship? Because I honestly do feel that there could be something between them in the future. Yes, Danny is obviously being set up to be Jordan’s main love interest (their chemistry is nowhere near as potent, sadly), but… I can’t believe that the energy between Jack and Jordan is completely accidental. Surely not? They are my favourite non-canon het pairing ever, and by a long long way (the last time I felt like this was about Buffy and Spike and THEY got together). I want it to be canon so badly I can hardly stand it. Can you even imagine how hot it would be if they kissed? I CAN. I DO QUITE OFTEN IN FACT.

I’m indifferent to Jordan/Danny at this point and I found his “I’m coming for you” line more creepy than sexy, but I did quite like the Matt/Harriet kiss, if only because it’s about time. They need to hurry that story along because the will they won’t they bullshit was getting tiresome. Just have them fuck already. (Also: nicely filmed/acted kiss. It didn’t turn me on but it looked great.)

I love Jack so much. I love him in a way bordering on scary. He offered to resign!!! And I was all NOOOOOOOOOOOO. And then the old guy turned out to be awesome and he made that awesome speech about waiting for this all his life and Jack looked so happy (and god, so SEXY without the tie GOD) and he’s such a good, honourable man (he’s just perfect. PERFECT.) and he gets to meet the grandkids because he’s so brilliant (and sexy and perfect). *DIES TIMES A MILLION*

I officially plan to hate any episode from now on that doesn’t feature Jack.


And yes, kill me dead again with the absolutely extraordinary New Orleans horn players. The music on this show has always been wonderful, but that? That was out of this world.

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