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BSG S309: Unfinished Business

This episode's final moments made me cry like a baby. I can't believe they explained the rift between Lee and Kara in such an awesome, romantic and erotic way (that sex scene was FUCKING AMAZING. Good Lord those two are hot together. *wibbles*). Is the fanfic in BSG as good as that?? FUCK. That's my kind of shit right there. I fucking *loved* this episode.

I can't believe that Kara married Anders though. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT? I don't understand why she would have the best sex of her life, shout out to the sky that she loves Lee, then run off and GET MARRIED. She totally deserved to get beat down for that. I was on Lee's side the whole time. Yeah, he cheated on Dee then stupidly married her anyway, but that's because Kara had broken his heart for no good reason that I can see. Jamie was wonderful; I haven't always been that big a fan of his acting (although I've always been a huge fan of his naked body) but he sold it in Unfinished Business. I felt his love for Kara all the way through me, and his pain was palpable. MY POOR LEE.

The fight was totally hot as well, and when they started hugging and said they missed each other, it was just so magical... despite the fact that they sounded like dribbling retards (that actually made me love the scene more because of the unbearable cuteness).

Roslin and Adama are crazy about each other and Adama smokes weed!! *HAPPYSIGH*

I didn't miss the cylons at all.

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