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Yesterday ruled.

Yesterday was the most exciting day ever, I think we can all agree. Becky (who is, btw, a total legend, and responsible for much crucial evidence gathering) pinged me just after I'd got into work, voicing her suspicions about Maria et al, and I did my bit to assist in her investigation by providing IP addresses. *helpful* I was all, WE'LL NEVER GET ENOUGH PROOF DARNIT, and was convinced nothing would come of it. Then I spoke to other people and found out we were most definitely not alone, and next thing I knew Madelyn (who is clearly evil) got the ball officially rolling (♥) and SV fandom is BACK ON THE MAP WHOO!! The rampant stupidity involved in this wank is hardly something for our fandom to be proud of, but at least we're being talked about again, right?

I'm not going to speculate about what really happened. We'll never know, sadly, because everyone involved bahleeted their LJs without stopping to explain themselves, the little fuckers.

You have to ask yourself though, is "Maria" really gone? Will she resurface in some way, shape or form? Let's not forget that she can come back at any time. As anyone. Will fandom (specifically SV fandom) be waiting for it? Will we wonder, every time a noob makes an impression, IS THAT MARIA? Would she even *dare* show her face here again now that she knows that people in fandom are jaded and cynical and know how to trace IP addresses? OTOH, can someone that active in fandom (in 6 months she made THREE HUNDRED friends - that's staggering) really just give it all up? We all know how addictive LJ is and we know that Maria was online *all the time*. We also know that Ms Scribe didn't disappear and is still on LJ under a different handle (the name of which escapes me now).

I don't think we've seen the last of maria anyway.

And on that note, sleep well, fandom!
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