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Sleb marriages: a waste of time. And TV boyfs!

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger are tying the knot (allegedly). WHY? Does no one in the movie business ever learn? MARRIAGE DOESN’T WORK FOR CELEBRITIES. It actually gets on my nerves now, every time I hear about another Hollywood engagement. I don’t find it even *remotely* romantic.

Why can’t they do what normal people do and just live together for a few years? See if they can actually stand being around each other once the sex stops being important, and if they can cope with the fact that they won’t see each other for long periods of time due to their schedules.

I mean, I’m all for romance and I’m well aware that love makes people do crazy things, but celebrity weddings seem to be more about the fact that the couple can afford a really great party and hey, what does it matter if it doesn’t work out – they’ll just get a divorce! Easy!

I give this marriage five years, tops.

Who are my TV boyfriends at the moment?

Prison Break

Michael Scofield: because he’s perfect. Beautiful, tortured, a genius, pure, and with a dry sense of humour. He really is the ultimate man, and my favourite character on television right now. Alex Mahone is my backup boyfriend because he’s foxy, brilliant and a giant woobie, who I want to kiss all better.

Studio 60

Jack Rudolph: Pretty much the opposite of Michael! I’m nothing if not inconsistent. I just find him so so so sexy. He’s smoking hot (that *voice*) and powerful and intimidating, but he’s not a bad person. He’s just in a position that requires him to be ruthless and calculating. GUH. (Backup = Danny)


No one right now because I’m too pissed at the show.

Friday Night Lights

Coach Tayor: I found it hard to pick a character from FNL, because I’d pretty much jump most of the boys in it, but as much as I fancy Tim, I wouldn’t want a relationship with him. I also love Jason but he’s a raspberry ripple who can’t have sex, and I have needs. Coach, OTOH, is about as sexy as they come so he’s my pick, followed closely by Matt Saracen. (OMG I’M GOING TO SEE IT TONIGHT! *flaps*)

Battlestar Galactica

Felix Gaeta! He’s *so* pretty and good and wonderful and perfect. ♥ Lee is next because of his giant man arms.


I’m going to have to go with Nathan Petrelli, because while Adrian Pasdar is not normally my type, he has a lot of sexual charisma and wins me over each time I see him, especially when he makes out with Niki. I have no backup boyfriend on Heroes because I don’t find anyone else on the show attractive.


Um. NO ONE. I would never date a serial killer (unless they paid me a million dollars and promised not to murder me, then I might consider it).


I haven’t seen S3 yet, but House is definitely my boyfriend, because he’s brilliant and sarcastic and brutally honest and cooler than everyone ever. Chase is backup (he can’t act, but he’s VERY HOT).

Now your turn! You get one boyfriend per show you watch, and one backup. (We’ll do girlfriends tomorrow if you want!)

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