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Prison Break S2 Ep 12: The Killing Box

Apart from PB, I also watched Studio 60 and I am so seriously, deeply in love with Jack and Jordan that I sometimes wish the whole show was just scenes with those two in them. I am nowhere *near* smart enough to write fic in that fandom you guys. I mean, I'm trying, but I may never post it. Anyway, yes, the episode was very very good! We finally agree norwich36!

Heroes was pretty good too.

And now for the main event (in my tv week, anyway):


I am so blown away by how that episode ended that I don't even feel sad about Mahone. *WIDE EYES*

Because as much as I loved Mahone, it was made abundantly clear during this episode that he was never going to back down, never going to turn, and therefore he could never be redeemed. I will miss William Fichtner terribly but what happened did feel right.

And KELLERMAN? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

He turned!!!!!! I wanted it to be Mahone, but actually, I am SO much happier that it was Kellerman, because he's been a main character since episode one and his has been the most spectacular journey. I *love* bad guys turning good! It's my all time favourite ever theme! I told you he let Sara go accidentally on purpose!! Oh wow. He's my hero. My wonderful, murderous hero. *DIES*

I now officially need some Kellerman icons.

Thank fuck Sara isn't suicidal, although how she'll meet up with Michael now that she's ditched the phone... well, there are still a lot of episodes left in this season and I guess it was never going to be plain sailing.

I never thought I'd see the day where I'd feel sorry for Bellick, but it happened today. That is quite the grimmest end imaginable for that character and, while he's a total scumbag who I've never liked, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. He's just so damn pathetic, and requesting to be sent to Fox River because of some retarded assumption that he'd get special treament... I can't feel anything other than pity for the guy. :*( (It looks very much like we've seen the last of Bellick. What are your thoughts on that?)

I'm wondering what T-Bag's plan is, now that he's caught up with the ex. He seems to want to do more than just kill her, so unless it's that he wants to torture her horribly first, I suspect he's got something else in mind, but I can't possibly speculate as to what. I mean surely it's not just about torturing her, and I hope it's not, because I'm not especially interested in seeing that.

All of the scenes with Michael and Lincoln in them were fraught with tension and that chase at the end was mindblowing. It actually nearly killed me, I'm not kidding. I found all the phone conversations between Kim (such a plank) and Kellerman and Mahone totally thrilling as well. Who is that guy with Kim? Was I supposed to recognise him? Because I didn't. *shrugs*

And yeah, the cliffhanger... what a way to set us up for the second half of the season. My GOD. That is how you do a pre-hiatus cliffhanger (*glares at Lost*): solve the current problem in a spectacular and satisying fashion whilst hitting us in the face with a brand new storyline that we absolutely can't wait for. I don't have much else to say about it right now, I'm reeling too much. I love my show.

Alex Mahone...

May he rest in peace. ♥ ETA. Okay everyone else thinks he's still alive! YAY! I hope so.

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