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Smallville S4

So the other night (Wednesday) I saw an exceptionally awful episode of Smallville, my first from S4. I can't say I wasn't warned, but holy crap, I have some stuff to say. I'm guessing it was somewhere in the middle of the season but I'm not sure. If anyone can tell me what the ep was called I'd appreciate it.

1. Clark gets zapped by a mutant and loses all his memories. My first clue that the episode was going to be sucktastic is when Chloe finds him after the zapping and is calling his name and he says, "Who's Clark?" Ha. You're Clark you fucking dunce. That's why the blonde stranger is calling you Clark. I would have been happier if he'd said to her, "Who are you? And why the fuck are you calling me Clark? Wait a minute. Who am I?" But hey.

2. CLARK AND LANA 4EVA. They're just so in love that even without memories he still loves her the most and is like a giant puppy and she's all lip quiveringly confused and it's all pain, pain, pain in my ass. *barfs*

3. Clark cures the mutant by convincing him that he didn't murder his brother in a really cool way that involved.... uh.... saying stuff like, "are you sure you killed him?" And then the guy's all, "no, you're right. Dad did it!"  *smacks the writers*

4. What in the hell is Lois Lane doing living with Clark? I mean, huh? I'm really not sure why she's in the show at all, but they're living together now? I know I've missed a fair bit but seriously.

5. So this is cool. Chloe sort of knows Clark's secret and she would do anything to protect him and amnesia!Clark gets that and they're friendship is stronger than ever and yay, Smallville is actually progressing and developing a relationship and changing things and that's kind of brave and different and apart from Clark's uber hotness in this episode, that's the one and only thing I quite dug. Except, back up a second, Kate. This is Smallville. So of course at the end of the episode Chloe's memories are all wiped out. (Do I have de ja vu?) Which means that everything she has learned and everything Clark learned while he had amnesia (oh yeah, that's believable) is forgotten and so the characters didn't learn dick. In fact, they regressed. Why do the writers like to keep things so stagnant? Why are they so afraid of moving forward and changing things? ARGH.

6. Lex. Barely in it, but ooh, quite evil. Using Clark's amnesia to try and get his secrets out of him, naughty, naughty boy. Kind of a bit obvious about it though. And I have no idea what's been going on but Lex clearly can't be trusted and it looks like finally that's actually true, but why is he behaving so untrustworthy? Shouldn't he at least attempt to be subtle? MR, sort it out.

7. All in all, this was the worst episode of Smallville I've ever seen. It's like a different show. And I am not pleased. Still, I can't wait for it to start on C4 in the UK soon!

  • Last day in NYC. I'll miss it here a lot.

    *flies back to London*

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