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Wonder Woman stress

Ginger: so this joss whedon dude?
Ginger: do you know him?
Kate: do i know joss whedon?
Kate: not personally
Kate: but i'm a big fan of his work

Then we started talking about Wonder Woman and who they should cast (it STILL hasn’t been decided yet, but if they give it to Kate Beckinsale, I will storm out of here in a big huff). Gin thinks they should give it to a girl who was in Supernatural, called Taylor Cole. Personally she doesn’t really do it for me (she’s too young, and if I remember correctly, her voice isn’t that great) and my number one choice is still Gina Torres, who is perfect times a million for the part. She’s not white though, so that might be why they haven’t already just handed it to her on a platter. Does WW have to be white?

I think I talked about this a while back in my LJ, but man… I really want them to pick the right actress, and I honestly can’t think of anyone (besides Gina) who’s suitable. Catherine Zeta Jones has the right physicality but she’s too old now (also, I don’t like her). Salma Hayek would be wonderful if she wasn’t so short. Kate Beckinsale is scrawny and annoying and gross. Rachel Bilson was apparently approached, and I like her, I do, but NO NO NO. Totally, insultingly wrong. Charisma Carpenter has also been linked, and... maybe?

I want someone who’s 30+, who’s all woman, who’s strong and intimidating and Amazonian in stature. They should probably cast an unknown, but I fear that if they do it’ll be some young pretty thing with not enough charisma. BAH.

All I hope is that Joss has the final say.
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