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SV wasn’t even on last night, which is sad because I have nothing to mock or bitch about today. LAME.

On the bright side, I look smokin hot in my new brown boots and pink jumper. Caz was so impressed with the effort I’d made she threw her arms around me the moment she saw me this morning because she found me so irresistible. Shaz and I are going out tonight and if there aren’t any cute boys there I’ll be pissed because it sucks when looking sexy goes to waste. It’s like, whenever I straighten my hair, no matter where I go or what I do, I never see anybody. The streets are empty save a few lone tumbleweeds and then it probably rains.

This is my favourite joke ever from the Simpsons:

How many geniuses does it take to invent a light bulb?

Just one. Thomas Edison.

One time I printed off some porny fanfic at work, stapled it, put it in my bag and went home. The next day I came in and my colleague (Caz) was all, “IS THIS YOURS?” *hands me a bunch of paper full to the brim with clex smut* (The printer had run out of paper before the story had fully printed so the rest got spat out without me noticing.) So I say, “My friend sent me this story and told me to read it.” And she’s all, “Did YOU write it?” And I’m like, “No! Of course not!” (I think that particular one was by velvetglove.) Caz glares at me with suspicious amusement. Kate stops printing off screeds of fanfic at work.

Anyway, it would be great if you could entertain me today. Comment with stories about stupid things you’ve done in your life; fandom/non-fandom related, I don’t care. Extra points for any wank you might have started/participated in. Or tell me jokes from the Simpsons.
Tags: fandom, random, real life, stupid
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