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Prison Break S2 12: Disconnect

I am getting more serious about this show by the week. O.O

I'm going to say it. Kellerman *couldn't kill* Sara, which is why he left her in the bath instead of holding her under, thereby giving her a chance to escape. It wouldn't have taken him long to kill her if he'd stayed in the room and actually *done it*, and Prison Break isn't James Bond. He couldn't bear to have her die at his hands. I also think he had time to shoot her while she was in the window and he didn't. HE LET HER GO. It was a subconscious thing sure, but it's the only thing that makes sense if you think about it. I mean, I'm giving Sara huge credit here because fucking HELL she is awesome. SO awesome. But that scene was not just about her. It was about him too, and how he feels about her. *air punch*

Sara is fucking incredible. She sewed up her own wound.

C-Note's blissful retreat was, of course, upset by the inconvenient absense of crucial medicine for his sick daugher. Do we know what's wrong with her? I liked that Kacee was on the front page of the newspaper and that the pharmacist stalled her. So many clever bit part players in this show! And I found it believable that Kacee was nervous, yet not quite paranoid enough to believe she'd been spotted, so she didn't bail like she should have when the chemist started acting weird. She has no experience with this and she doesn't quite understand what it means to be on the run yet, which was why it was so horrible seeing her get arrested. I like that C-Note didn't try to intervene. He *knew* there would be no point trying and it *totally broke his heart*. Kacee and C-Note are one of the love stories on the show that I am fully behind. Their love transcends all common sense, like Sucre and Maricruz's, except with these two I actually care about it. I've always really loved C-Note, btw.

Bellick getting arrested for Roy's murder fills me with glee.

Michael is not only hurt by his father leaving them, he's traumatised: he was abused as a child and he's the *reason* his abuser was murdered. By his father. Even as a child he was wily and uncommonly sensitive and the way he ran away from his dad (who was just a stranger to him then) when he saw the body and worked out what had happened fit perfectly with what we know about him now. When he said to his father that "nothing can make it right", he didn't, of course, account for a fatal gun shot wound to the chest. Or his father telling him he loved him.

How is it that Michael can cry, like, once an episode, and it never gets old? He's the only male character I can think of that both gets away with it, tears your heart up inside, AND makes it hot.

"Is the blood on their hands, or ours?"

I'm going with THEIRS. I mean, yeah, there have been casualties, but this is WAR. And Michael is on the side of truth and justice. It's important that he takes responsibility for his actions, and I love that about him, but he's still *doing the right thing*. Lincoln was innocent and he was framed. By the evil government. Those suckers need to be taken DOWN.

Whenever Mahone says, "Where's Scofield?" which he says all the time, I get hot.

He killed Michael's dad. This saddens me.

Sucre flys into certain death (?) and Michael and Lincoln stay because they're now the only ones who can save Sara and expose the Company and that's the right thing to do so of course they have to do it. Also, Michael loves sara with all his heart. And Sara has the key which will lead them to the tape and then they will all be heroes. *flaps*

The cliffhanger? Holy crap. That's got so much potential for doing absolutely everything I want it's not even funny. I mean, we know that Mahone isn't going to a) kill Michael and Lincoln, or b) arrest them and take them in. Which MEANS... omg. Okay, they could somehow outfox Mahone and escape. And then they'll all go back to their merry chasing ways... but SURELY NOT. What I'm praying for is that Michael will convince Mahone, somehow, that he can help them. And that Mahone can and should join them. That's what I'm praying for. IMAGINE THAT OMFG.

How many episodes have we got left before the hiatus? Please tell me there's at least one more.

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