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SV S6 Static

Lana is sad and Lex is needy, but then YAY, danger interrupts their conversation, and Lex disappears.

Chloe thinks Clark shouldn’t turn his back on Lex now (I've totally lost track of how Chloe feels about Lex. I think we all have), even though there's a genuine crisis happening elsewhere in the world. HAHAHA. Clark, quite rightly, doesn't care too much about Lex's disappearance.

Lana’s got her bitch on again. WHOO. Lionel is much cooler than she is though.

No skeletons. Gross. Or “seriously freaky” as the doctor put it.

The Lexana creeps me the fuck out. I really don’t like hearing them talk about how much they love each other. I am not won over by this story at all.

Why is Lex more worried about Lana’s poor feelings than he is about the fact that Chloe is about to BREAK INTO HIS COMPUTER? I’m convinced he really *doesn’t* deserve the name Luthor anymore.

So Lex’s “situation” was caused by some vengeful ex-labrat, who isn’t remotely menacing. He just seems bitter and crazy and dorky. Still, Lex attacks first, thinks second, which is becoming something of a pattern with him now. A lame pattern. Why is Lex turning into a thug?

No Jimmy, Lex is not the root of all evil. The root of all evil is much smarter than Lex is. Lionel maybe?

Clark!!! Why are you not the main focus of this episode? I love the comic book feel of Clark’s storyline, and how truly disgusting it is. YUCK. That scary alien rips people’s bones clean out of their BODIES. Holy cow Smallville! KIDS WATCH THIS SHOW.

I love Clark so much. I simply do not care about the terrible thing that’s happening to Lexana. Big whoop, quite frankly. Clark is SAVING THE WORLD. And he’s looking utterly beautiful while he does it. I want the entire episode to be about that. Fuck the rest of the cast. FUCK THEM.

Lana tells Lex about the baby that she apparently does want to have. Okay then. And they wuv each other. GROSS.

Lex murders someone and enjoys it. That’s probably the best thing about his entire storyline.

Then everything turns to shit again when we discover that Lex is delighted about the baby. And oh. How did she get pregnant again? I’m sorry, but I can’t *believe* they’re not addressing that. WTF. I mean, I can believe it. I’ve been saying it for the last week, but it doesn’t stop me being appalled. I guess we were right about them having unprotected sex? I *know* we were right about them being fuckwits.

Of course, Lana isn’t remotely bothered by the dead body of the man her boyfriend just brutally murdered a few paces away from them in the same room. She wants to get her mack on.

“Because sometimes even heroes need to be saved” wins for the lamest line of the episode. It was up against some stiff competition.

Clark steps on an oreo cookie and looks pensive about it for a loooooong time.

Lana is evil too! HOW BOUT THAT.

That was the creepiest, most hideous proposal I’ve ever seen. It made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Lex's idea of romance is ICKY.

Let’s hope next week is actually about Clark. And that Lex and Lana aren’t even in it! I mean, I can wait a few weeks for the resolution of *that* cliffhanger and I bet I’m not alone.

WILL SHE OR WON’T SHE SAY YES? Oh please. She’s bound to say yes. Although I hope she does this instead:

Lex: Will you marry me?
Lana: No thanks! *runs away screaming*

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