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Prison Break S2 Ep 11

SARA DOESN'T DIE RIGHT? OMG *RIGHT*? Don't tell me if you know. No go on. I need to know if she survives. SHE CAN'T DIE. Please put me out of my misery and tell me. No wait, don't. I can wait until next week. I CAN. I have to, because it's best not to be spoiled. *breaks down completely*

Right! I'm pretty sure there was nothing in this episode that I didn't absolutely love.

HI HOT MEXICAN CRIMINAL. I'm sorry to start with the shallow, but holy GOD who is that guy? He's, like, the sexiest man in, like, the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. *boggles*

T-Bag sacrificing his bionic hand then tracking down Roy, then hanging out in the swanky hotel room at the end, handless yet happy, was completely awesome. You've got to give the guy credit. He's a survivor. And the fact that he's not only survived but has done really pretty fucking well for himself (despite the stump) just shows you how freaking smart he is. I applaud T-Bag's efforts, I really do. I can't help thinking that he deserves the money. But what's cool about that is he also deserves all the bad shit that is going to happen to him next.

Lincoln hearing the bullet drop then warning the others and then beating the shit out of that guy and then stabbing him and then threatening Kim over the phone was nothing short of totally hot.

Michael's journey was extraordinary, and the main focus of the episode. The first important event is his attack on the shopkeeper, which triggers the attack of the memories of all the terrible things he's done since he started this whole thing. This causes him to talk to a priest who tells him he should give himself to God. But Michael, who badly needed to talk (and cry omg) realises that everyone has a cross to bear and his is that he may have to keep doing bad things, because he's not willing to lose everything he loves. EVEN IF IT COSTS HIM HIS SOUL.


How much do I love his confession that he enjoyed watching a man bleed out because the guy deserved it. That is some seriously complex characterisation. It also brings him closer to Mahone.

Who, uh, has ENTIRELY redeemed himself (latxcvi omg!!). First off, he's only working for Kellerman and co because they know about Shales. Which makes sense (we only found that out now right? It makes so much sense I feel like we found it out ages ago and I just forgot.). He still loves his wife and son and his wife still loves him with all her heart. *cries* She was a (very very pretty) bundle of concern and desperation and need. Oh god. He's so tortured because he knows what he's doing is wrong. But he feels he has no choice. THANK YOU GODS OF TELEVISION FOR GIVING US THIS CHARACTER.

Sucre coming to rescue Michael was neat and his willingness to leave the Mexicans for dead was a nice way of highlighting just how special Michael is. I knew Michael would do the right thing (yet it was still an amazingly suspenceful scene because this is PRISON BREAK) and I love that he was rewarded for it, by the hot (dear lord so hot) wounded mexican who told him the truth because he's really a man of honour. Is it just me or have you guys also noticed that they make every single thing in this show sexy? I don't think it's just me.

When Michael sees his father for the first (technically second!) time is incredibly affecting, mostly because of Wentworth Miller's amazing acting. He's such a beautiful man it kills me. That's a guy who isn't going to lose his looks any time soon.

I have to finish the squee with some comments on the Sara/Kellerman scenes. Those two actors have a freakily great chemistry with each other. Their scenes together always feel so alive and exciting and scary (and hot). The way Paul Edelstein managed to convey how much Kellerman cares about Sara, that he really didn't want to torture her, that he likes her, that he possibly even loves her, and at the same time, that he enjoys his power and that he's totally commited to his mission, was just the most spectacular piece of acting. I love his mothering of her after he dunks her head in the bath. The way he mops her face and pushes her hair out of her eyes and croons at her. It's SO fucked up. I don't think I've ever seen a torture scene as cool as that one before. For realz.

If he kills her I'll be pissed though.

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