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InstaRec, Studio 60 and the L Word!

Morning everyone!

First off, slinkling wrote me the most wonderful, angsty, seriously fantastically hot clex fic, which is set CURRENTLY. And it works! Go and read it right now and tell all your friends. Love Song #41: Epitaph for My Heart . (Dude, you have no IDEA how happy you’ve made me with this fic. I can’t stop doing this: title or description)

Secondly, yesterday’s poll! 49.6% of us think that Lex and Lana are fuckwits who don’t understand how to use condoms. LOLOLOL. But even better is the 24.6% of you who picked “Bottle of gin, hot bath,” which is easily the most revolting option I’ve ever included on a poll and I am filled with so much love for everyone who picked it. *continues to laugh* ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I haven’t seen PB or Heroes yet but I have seen Studio 60.

Studio 60

I HATE HARRIET. I really really hate her. She’s a homophobic, self satisfied jerk, and I have absolutely no interest in or sympathy for her position. Anyone who thinks it’s acceptable to say “The bible says it’s a sin” no matter what they follow it with loses any chance they ever had of being liked by me. Anyone who performs for openly homophobic church groups and doesn’t see why that’s a fucking problem loses any chance of ever being liked by me. I do NOT understand why Matt is in love with her and I absolutely loathe the will they won’t they tenure of their relationship. A) I don’t care, B) I don’t see what he sees in her (and what we’re supposed to see in her). Bar a couple of decent impressions that we’ve heard her do, she doesn’t appear to be very talented or very funny or very charming. I really enjoyed Matt yelling at her about being a bigot but then they ruined everything with the last scene because apparently he wasn’t really pissed about the fact that she’s a bigot, he’s pissed that he wasn’t there to protect her from the gay hooligans. WTF. “It should have been me.” FUCK OFF. That last scene is easily my least favourite scene out of all of S60.

Apart from that, I love everything about this show. Jack is clearly besotted with Jordan and he continues to be the sexiest corporate type in the whole world. Jack and Jordan didn’t get any scenes together in last night’s ep but the ep before? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. So freaking hot. They are my OTP of S60.

Danny is TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. Is there a cooler character than Danny in television at the moment. NO THERE IS NOT.

John Goodman was totally awesome as always, but WOW he’s huge now. He’s always been huge, sure, but WOW. I’m actually scared for the man’s health.

The L Word!

I’m also watching season 3 of The L Word at the moment. I’ve watched 10 episodes in, like, two days. *wins*

So anyway. DANA. That story just SUCKS. I loved her and I love Alice and I don’t know if I can bear to see Alice in much more pain. This show is killing me. Why didn’t they take a leaf out of SatC’s book and have her survive with her breasts intact? Why are they killing people off that I love? WHY? DO THEY HATE ME?

Carmen and Shane are totally awesome and gorgeous and the best lesbians ever. Although there is nothing that quite compares to the hotness that is Shane and Cherie (Rosanna Arquette’s recurring character).

I’m pretty much incoherent with grief over Dana though so I don’t have much else to say.

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