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Prison Break S2 Ep 10

Well, I think it's fair to say that everything I could possibly have wanted to happen happened in this episode (bar the torture of T-Bag, which was gruesome. I'm not a fan of gruesome torture scenes. And the Scrue storyline which I couldn't give a rat's ass about).

Sara and Michael's reuinion was incredible. SWC is a subtle and intelligent actress and it's a more challenging part now than it was in S1 (as they all are). She's been through as much as Michael has, but the difference is, she was unprepared for it.

She's grieving for her father.  She knows about the very scary conspiracy. She's on the run with the most wanted man in America (I understand America. I want him too). She's in love with Michael but she knows it's *ridiculous* to be and that she shouldn't be with him. And yet, ironically, she also knows that she really doesn't have a lot of options right now, and that he might well be her *only* option. I adored her admitting to Michael that it felt like chasing a high, because I *believed* it: she was full to the brim with terrified excitement during the chases, both in the car and in the factory (was that a factory? I don't even know). But when the action cools down it's like she's in a daze. That is some *extraordinary* acting.
Their chemistry is as electrifying as ever too. They're easily, by a long way, my favourite canon pairing (out of all the shows I watch). They love each other so much, and the show is doing a brilliant job of keeping them apart (which, as we all know, is the best way to maintain chemistry). it doesn't wear my patience, it never feels like they're making up reasons to keep them apart, it just feels organic (and utterly destined and romantic). That is SO rare in television.

Michael and Mahone finally share a long scene together (in person!). And Oh. My. GOD. I love that Michael used his brains to get the better of Mahone and that he created a situation where Mahone couldn't kill him so that they got to chat. Mahone apparently has no choice but to kill Michael. See, I don't buy that. I believe that if Mahone gave it a little more thought he would realise that Panama would be a great place to settle down. Get some sun. Drink some mohitas. Suck some cock.

They really do know each other well, don't they. They're a perfect match. Please gods of television, PLEASE let Mahone turn and do the right thing. Michael tried to convince him! Which means that Michael wants Mahone on his side and it also means that Michael believes that Mahone has it in him to turn. Because, like I just said, Michael KNOWS this guy. In an abstract way, sure, but still like no one else has ever known him.

The entire episode was amazingly suspenseful, as always, and, I dunno, this show, not unlike crack, gives me a high. One zillion points.

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