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BSG 0306

The cylons have a new plan! They have “decided” that Earth is going to be their new home. Which means that wasn’t the original plan (right?). This is new and not very interesting. I guess I’m supposed to be scared or something because oh noes it means that the cylons have the exact same plan as the humans. That can’t be good!

More importantly, LEE IS HOT AGAIN. Thank the gods!! Hands down, Lee in a towel = best scene of the episode.

I love Starbuck and Tigh being BFF. It feels so destined. I never understood why they didn’t get on before because they’re so MFEO. Is Tigh trying to drink himself to death? I don’t believe him when he says that Adama will never see him again but I’m also not sure where this character is supposed to go from here. I quite like that he’s too broken to be fixed, and in fact, I don’t think I would buy it if he suddenly started caring again. He killed his own wife for fuck’s sake. UNNECESSARILY. I think he should probably just kill himself now.

I’m very confused by the crazy talking cylon chick in the bath. Can anyone explain that to me?

Gauis can’t be a cylon, there’s no way. I won’t have it. I like how Six just scoffed at him when he voiced that particular fear.

Gaeta continues to be a hotass.
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