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SV S6 Fallout

I don't have a lot this week because it was all just so fucking ridiculous.

Lex, why are you being all threatening and camply intimidating towards *Jimmy*? It's *Jimmy*. The most harmless, sweet natured, cutie pie ever to visit Smallville. Save your hard man act for someone who's, you know, actually a threat.

"I'll defenestrate you!"

I have no words.

Lex and Lana's relationship is FUCKED. I don't actually recognise Lana anymore - she's become, ahem, too cool for Lex. She wins all the arguments, she doesn't let him get to her too much, she stays quietly angry and subtly condescending, and he just gets all huffy but ultimately ends up looking like a loser.

"You lied to me that's unacceptable." RIIIIIIGHT Lex.

"I guess we're even then." BOOYA! Lana wins.

Why is Clark going through the whole 'I'm all alone in the world' thing again? And what about Alicia! I thought she  was the only one who understood him? At least he's finally admitted to himself that he has a destiny. Three years late but that's Clark for you: fast at running not at thinking.

Whatever Smallville.

The only thing I liked was Lex rubbing his relationship with Lana into Clark's face. Could he behave any more like an ex boyfriend? NO.
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