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Oh Clex...

I took yesterday off work because on Monday night I went to see my fabulous flatmate Nina singing at the 606 club, then we came home and talked until 3am, so there was NO WAY I was going to work after that kind of craziness. I watched Prison Break and Heroes, both of which kicked ass. Especially Prison Break omg.

I officially ship Michael/Mahone again, just FYI. I mean, Michael/Sara are my OTP, but Michael and Mahone should totally have phone sex ALL THE TIME. Am I right or am I right?

Since my Clex trauma I’ve been thinking hard about them and I’ve decided that I still love them and I don’t care what the show says or does. The show’s stupid anyway and it gets everything wrong and the show can suck it.

To celebrate, I will share with you a Clex fantasy I often have, which I’ve never gotten around to writing but which pleases me greatly nonetheless.

Okay, so the boys are, for some reason or another (it’s not important), on the road together. Maybe they got kidnapped and they’ve found themselves in the middle of nowhere but Clark can’t just sprint them back home because that would mean revealing his powers to Lex, and Lex can never know about Clark’s powers because he’s evil etc. Anyway, they have no car, no phone, and very little money, so they just have to stop at the first seedy hotel they find. They can only afford one room, naturally, and the room only has one bed in it.

The entire time they’ve just been bickering with each other like little bitches, but it’s not the cold, nasty kind of bickering they give us on SV at the moment, it’s the irritable, just-for-the-sake-of-it bickering that old married couples do. They’re both in filthy moods and they’re taking it out on each other (but also secretly they’re quite enjoying themselves). They are NOT impressed with the one bed situation, but neither are willing to sleep on the floor, so they, naturally, end up sharing a bed.

I have a kink for sleepy Clex btw. I love the thought of Clark being a big ol’ sleepyhead, and Lex being all bleary eyed. AW. They’re wearing their boxers and Clark has a t-shirt on but Lex doesn’t (because Lex doesn’t wear t-shirts, duh). Lex’s clothes (a slightly crumpled suit I’m thinking) are hanging up, Clark’s jeans and flannel shirt are in a pile on the floor. They fall asleep.

But then Clark wakes up and he finds that *while they were asleep* they had moved closer to one another. They're both on their sides, facing each other, and Clark’s got his arm stretched out towards Lex and his knuckles are resting against Lex’s belly. He doesn’t bother moving it because it feels kind of normal and nice and he’s too sleepy to care so he just drifts off again.

After some more sleep, he wakes up, and he and Lex are, like, wrapped around each other. Maybe Clark’s spooning Lex or something. It doesn’t matter really, as long as they’re inappropriately close. Lex wakes up too, the haze of sleep keeping him dopily accepting of the situation, which really I mean come on, let’s face it, who are we trying to kid, is a dream come true for Lex. Possibly Lex assumes that he is dreaming. Which might be why he kisses Clark’s face gently. And Clark is a little surprised because he’s a bit more awake than Lex is and quite alarmed about the entire situation anyway, but he doesn’t stop Lex’s slow kisses because hell, they feel pretty good, and is that a boner in his shorts? Why yes. It sure is.

Clearly after this the two of them start to make out, and when Lex realises that he’s not dreaming and that he’s really there with Clark and Clark’s tongue is in his mouth and Clark is rubbing his hard cock against Lex’s thigh, Lex gets even MORE into it, because holy crap, Clark is really, really hot and sexy.

Soon they’re frantically pushing their boxers off each other and getting a bit tangled up and then Clark’s on top of Lex, straddling him and he’s rubbing his cock against Lex’s and they’re both thrusting against each other and panting and groaning and making lots and lots of sex noises, and it’s hot and completely dirty and they’re not even *thinking* about the fact that they’re supposed to hate each other because it all feels so damn good.

Then they come all over each other at the same time (because it’s TRUE LOVE) and Clark collapses onto Lex in a wet, sticky heap.

Things are totally awkward afterwards and they spend the next day acting strangely and doing anything they possibly can to avoid acknowledging what they did. Of course, when it’s time to check into the next hotel (for whatever reason they haven’t been able to get anyone to come and get them. But that’s not important) they automatically get themselves one room with one bed in it, and, because they have to wash their underwear and hang it out to dry they are forced to go to bed NUDE. It takes one sidelong glance from Lex to Clark for them to give into their desire this time.

Blow jobs, anal sex, the end.


Please now feel free to share your Clex fantasies with me. Thx,

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