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An abnormally negative post

This is scaring the shit out of me. I think my Clex is broken.


THE SHOW HAS KILLED IT. I don't know what to do because I'm not ready for this love affair to be over. I just tried to read fic and I couldn't! I just. I didn't want to read about Clark and Lex having sex. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ALL ABOUT? I sent my latest story off to beta today, and I was all, this isn't even *believable* anymore. I mean, Clex has ALWAYS been believable (unless you're Kassie), but now? IT'S REALLY NOT.

I hate the show for doing this to me, even though it's still an enjoyable show. I wish I'd never watched the last episode!

Most of it is to do with how I currently feel about Lex if I'm honest. I just... I stopped liking him on Friday. I need to like Lex if I'm to write him and the Lex I have always written is *not this guy*. So what, I abandon canon altogether? That ain't my stick sadly.

Tell me what to do, flist. Should I watch some older episodes and try to forget about who Lex is in the show now? Should I wait and hope that he becomes someone I can like again? I really want him to break up with Lana, like SO MUCH. Not because I'm especially anti Lexana, but because he's boring with her. I want him to have a storyline that doesn't involve Lana but that seems unlikely to happen while they're still a couple.

I want him to look at Clark the way he used to. Just SOMETHING. Something I can work with. I want him to not get the shit kicked out of him by hot leather-clad guys, because it makes him look *totally lame*.  I want him to not be evil yet. I want him to still be in love with Clark.  I do think that Clark still harbours gay feelings for Lex actually. Just to end this lament on an upnote. I mean, Clark is really gay again. Which is awesome. Maybe if Lex and Lana break up, Lex will notice that?

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