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SV S6 05 Reunion

Ten years ago, when Lex was... 17? Wow he looks different. How come, in Zero, where he can't have been older than 18 or 19 (please confirm if you know) did they use MR but here they didn't? Okay, because MR is 30+ now. But STILL.

Don't get me wrong, I like wee!Lex. He looks and sounds precisely nothing like MR but he's still cute and he plays the part perceptively.

And that Duncan was his only friend is telling: Lex is, and has always been, attracted to genuinely good people. Pure, sancatmonious people who care about him for who he is inside, not how many trucks he can buy them. Duncan is clearly a mirror of Clark: not as clever as Lex is, but with the right priorities.  Lex wanted to be respected and included, not to do the right thing. I can buy that actually.

Seeing wee!Lex beat the shit out of Duncan was disturbing. That's a serious violent streak that Lex has supressed well, and it show us just how controlled Lex is. He hardly ever loses his temper. He won't let himself.

Clark and Ollie together continue to thrill:

"I'm laughing on the inside."

"Maybe we'll get lucky one day and it'll bubble to the surface."

SO MUCH LOVE for that exchange. I use that first line ALL THE TIME, except usually I say I'm crying on the inside, because I'm laughing at something I shouldn't be and people are all, "why the hell are you laughing? It's not funny, it's sad."

Then Ollie asks Clark to do "one small thing" for him and Clark rolls his eyes and looks down with a small, nostalgic smile. "What would that be?" he asks. He's thinking, oh *this* again. The billionaire wants a blowjob. I guess that could be fun. I certainly know what I'm doing.

But Ollie interrupts Clark's fantasy with some bad news. LEX IS A KILLER. I like that Clark doesn't really believe Ollie's accusation re Lex. Because really, given what *actually happened*, Ollie has absolutely no reason to think of Lex as a killer. Further, there's no real reason for Lex to be killing these guys *now*. No points for deductive reasoning, Ollie.

Lex and Lana in the mansion. The bottle rolls across the floor of its own accord. "Did you see that?" asks Lana, stupified. Uh... Yeah Lana. WE ALL SAW IT. Who writes this dialogue?

Another head injury! But this time NOT for Lex. Wonders never cease.

Hello Smallville Medical Centre. How I've not missed you.

And okay, I'm going to say it, I'm not enjoying the Clex scenes anymore. I find it too upsetting to see how much they hate each other now, how hostile it is, and while I have no problem turning that into porn (hate fucking!) it's not as gay as it used to be. When they loved each other. Why does Lex have to be so mean to Clark? And why does Clark have to be so childish? "This is all your fault" is a tiresome argument, Clark.

Still, Clark hates hearing (from Ollie) that Lex loves Lana too much to risk her life. Because Clark hates hearing about Lex loving anyone that's not him. See! I'll rape and pillage this motherfucking show for some slash.

Ollie feels responsible for Duncan's death. AW. Whatever dude. He got hit by a car because he didn't look both ways. Just because he was in tears doesn't make it any less retarded to walk into the middle of a road where people drive cars like maniacs. Is the driver of the car in jail for speeding? What kind of school is this? Why is it right next to the Freeway? Has the *driver* been telepathically murdered yet?

Now. Why was there anything to cover up? Lionel paying for Duncan's doctors because he was worried about it getting out that Lex and Duncan had... well, they'd just had their first fight, and then Lex punched Duncan a few times... in front of guys who Lionel *didn't* buy off and no one else... and then Duncan got accidentally run over. THIS STORY IS SO LAME.

Oliver. Best thing that could ever have happened to Smallville.

Clark/Lionel. Is it my imagination or did Lionel ask Clark on a date? Oh Lionel. That's your son's *ex*. NOT COOL.

It moves me that Clark is on this case because he doesn't want Lex to die. IT MOVES ME.

This story makes no sense.

So they're feeding Duncan liquid kryptonite huh? BUT OF COURSE.

Lois: "Ladies first." And then Clark goes in!!!!!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH. Oh yeah that's what I'm here for.


"Oh and your hands are clean."

"Not even close. But since then I've been scrubbin them real hard. Yours just keep gettin' dirtier."

Best line in the episode by FAR. Jesus Ollie is awesome. He's a lot more awesome than Lex is, I have to say. Truth be told, Lex is pathetic in this scene. Punching Ollie for no fucking reason. Suddenly flashback!Lex has inhabited presentday!Lex, which I guess is understandable. You see someone from the past, you revert back to your old ways. However, Ollie ONE, Lex NIL.

HA. Clark ends up being responsible for Duncan's death. HA.

I love Lois's assertion that keeping secrets from the people we love is totally retarded.

"Mr Queen." "Ms Lang." What the fuck century are we in? Who *talks* like that?

Oliver: "You're a lucky man."

Lex: "In more ways that one." Yes, Ollie. I had Clark as well.

Uh, does anyone else ship Ollie/Chloe (Chloiver!) all of a sudden? Those two (characters and actors) tend to have good chemistry with everyone, and *certainly* with each other. Wow indeed. And Clark's all, YES I KNOW HE'S HOT CHLOE. I KNOW. I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM EITHER.

Oliver is kind of the star of the show at the moment. He's hot, he's cool, he's smart, he's heroic, and he just... belongs. If they write him out at some point I will be so devastated. He's the shot straight to the vein that SV needed, but also, he's kind of stealing the show. He's like a hybrid of Clark and Lex - all their coolest attributes neatly packaged up into one frighteningly fit body. He made Lex look like a tool. THAT IS VERY ODD.

Pretty good episode, even though the story sucked ass and made little to no sense.
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