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Fic: Two Brothers, One Hotel Room

Uh... Okay, flist, don't hate me, but I wrote Wincest.

It's for girlmostlikely, because I love her so much and she's having a shitty day because of people I'd love to beat up if I could, but I can't so I do what I can: PORN. Apologies to people who, uh, actually care about canon or characterisation or whatever. Please ignore all mistakes.

Gin, you're one of the best people I've ever met and I don't have a clue what I'd do without you. I love you honey.

Two Brothers, One Hotel Room, by Kate

Sam looks around the hotel room with a grimace. Another night in another strange bed with another monster to slay and another reason to miss his old life, when things were simple, and no one was dead. Except Mom, of course, but he doesn’t remember her so that didn’t used to matter to him.

Not the way it matters to Dean. Who’s dripping wet and clad only in a cheap, white, too-small towel at the moment, preening himself in the cracked mirror, playing with his hair, as if he’s getting ready to go out on the town .

“What are you doing?” Sam asks him irritably.

“Making myself pretty,” Dean replies in a monotone.


“Are you going out?”

“Yeah. How do I look?” Dean asks sarcastically, spinning around so fast his towel unravels and falls to the floor in an unceremonious heap. Dean looks down at his newly exposed genitals with a frown.

“You’re a dork,” Sam says, glancing down between Dean’s legs with raised eyebrows for a second, before flopping back onto the bed with a frustrated sigh.

It’s been months since he got any action and seeing the closest person to him in the buff isn’t helping matters. It’s not that he wants to have sex with Dean or anything, it’s just that he’s… really horny. He wills away his burgeoning erection by shutting his eyes and reciting Latin in his head.

But then he feels the bed dip beside him and his eyes fly open. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Dean, lying on his side with his head resting on one of his hands, staring at Sam with an amused expression on his face.

Sam keeps his eyes fixed on the ceiling, not daring to look over, and he’s wondering whether Dean has put his towel back on or whether he’s still… buck naked. Don’t panic, Sam. Do not panic.

“What’s wrong, Sammy,” Dean croons teasingly. “Never seen a hot man naked before?”

Sam rolls his eyes. “You’re not that hot,” he mutters quietly.

“Uh… your hard on would beg to differ,” Dean murmurs triumphantly.

“Fuck you.”

“Go for it.”

That makes Sam jerk his head around and Dean’s face is only inches from his. He can’t stop himself from glancing down and yep, Dean’s still naked, but now… now he’s hard. Cock, longer now, bigger now, pointing up at Sam like a challenge.

“Do you want to touch it?” Dean asks, a little breathlessly.

Sam swallows. “Dean, what the fuck?”

“I want you to touch it.”


This is so messed up, Sam can’t think straight. He’s not going to ‘touch it’, there’s no way. But when Dean takes his shaking hand and draws it downwards and Sam’s fingers make contact with the slippery head of Dean’s cock, he doesn’t resist.

“Oh fuck,” Dean whispers.

Sam turns a little, facing inwards towards Dean, and he watches his brothers face as he jacks him slowly.

Harder. ” And Sam speeds up his strokes, increases the pressure, watches Dean’s face change from controlled to out of control. Hooded eyes and gritted teeth, heavy rasping breaths, frantically moving hips.

“Get on your back” Dean gasps, and when Sam rolls back, Dean climbs over and straddles him, pushing his t-shirt up with urgent desperation. Sam keeps pulling at Dean’s cock and groans low when Dean pushes his ass down against his aching erection.

“Jesus,” Dean whispers, almost reverently, as come spills out of his dick and splatters all over Sam’s exposed belly. Shuddering hard and God that’s a lot of come.

When he’s done he falls off to the side and Sam scrabbles at his fly, pulls himself out and quickly jerks himself to orgasm.

He yelps when it happens, and he’s distantly aware that coming all over himself in exactly the spot Dean came is making it all the more intense.

“I need another shower,” Dean’s saying, then he’s moving and leaving and Sam feels panicked once more.

He holds himself up on his hands, suddenly embarrassed about the state of undress he’s in, and he watches Dean disappear into the bathroom.


But then Dean pokes his head out the door again.

“You coming?”

The end.
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