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Special TV Moments

Just quickly, so SV’s theme tune won the poll yesterday. YOU FREAKS. It’s not that it’s a completely sucky song or anything, because I’ve heard worse, but srlsly, you’re crazycakes if you prefer it to Woke Up This Morning (or Who Are You or I Don’t Want to Be or Star Trek or the Family Guy theme tune). *unimpressed*

Why do we watch TV? It’s more than just an intellectual pursuit. For most of us it’s not even that.

It’s for those moments that make us gasp, and squee, and run around in circles. It’s EMOTIONAL. Those moments can be anything, from a line of dialogue, to a particularly sweet special effect, to a look shared between two characters, to an amazing stunt, to pretty much whatever.

My question about Lex’s blonde fencing partner yesterday got me thinking about one such moment in Onyx. Something that makes me tingle with joy whenever I think about it.

After his fencing session with Heike, Lionel walks in, Lex thanks her, then he smacks her on the ass as she’s walking out. Now, most women when they get smacked on the ass would be all, “WHAT THE FUCK, BITCH?” But Heike’s… delighted. For an episode choc full of awesome moments, that one still stands out to me, because it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt JUST how much of a hotass Lex is. Even women he (apparently) isn’t fucking love being spanked by him! In front of other people!

A Clark moment that springs instantly to mind is an obvious one: in Red, in the gay bar, when he’s wearing his tank top and looking hotter than fire, and he’s just effortlessly beaten the crap out of a bunch of people, he shouts, “Anybody else?” Not only is Clark on Red K teh sex, we hardly ever get to see Clark have FUN and at the same time, be terrifying. It’s a perfectly delivered line, and an iconic SV moment. I’ll never forget how it made me feel the first time I saw it. GUH.

Share some of your favourite moments with me! Let’s make each other feel good. Tell me what they are and why you love them. (And it doesn’t have to be SV!)
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