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Heroes 05: Hiros and Prison Break S2 08

Oh my GOD this is an exciting show, only getting more exciting by the episode.

I even liked Peter this week! Because he's smart and seems to be the only one other than Hiro who knows how important this whole thing is. The artist is pretty much an idiot for thinking that his new paintings were pointless. I mean come ON. Who is he to say that they're meaningless, especially given his certainty that he was painting the future and what did he say last week? I'm going to be a hero. I don't like him much, but he did look quite beautiful in that last scene, in the blue light, his eyes wide with wonder.

Nathan continues to be hot although those pajama pants he was wearing would look much better ON MY BEDROOM FLOOR.

We got to see a wee glimpse of D.L. at the end and lo, it is Leonard Roberts, AKA Forrest from Buffy (who I hated) and Nam-Ek from Smallville (who I was indifferent to). He's quite a good actor so I'm not unhappy to see him, although it'd be nice if D.L. turned out to be a likeable character in some way. He clearly has powers. He pulled a Houdini to escape from jail and he managed to get into the house unseen, so I'm guessing he has powers. BUT WHAT SORT?

Hollowing people out is pretty cool, although what are the quarterback's parents going to think, and how does he go about living his new life with his new identity? He's not amnesiac because he didn't seem to be confused about who he is, just confused about why Claire was calling him Brody. So who is he now? I hope we find out although I have a suspicion we won't be seeing him again. I'm an idiot. He clearly just has amnesia and has to start his life from scratch.

Poor Matt! He did such a great thing by getting the crim to drop the gun just by using his gifts and talking him down, but then DOH! He didn't conceal the gun and that bunch of ungrateful fuckers in the store telepathically harrassed him until he PASSED OUT. It's a traumatising gift he's got, and it will be until he can learn to control it. I have to admit, the date with his wife creeped me out. He really was inside her head and that's disturbingly intrusive. Violating even. I've always thought that mind reading was the kind of power that could turn a good man bad (like invisibility) because there's so much potential to use it selfishly, almost to the point where it would be impossible not to use it selfishly. But Matt is clearly an extremely pure sort so perhaps it won't corrupt him in that way (not counting the ways it's already corrupted him. Did you SEE his wife after their love makin'? HE USED HIS POWERS TO BE A SEX GOD. Actually, yeah. My kinda guy.)

Hiro is completely adorable and future Hiro is kinda hot. *flaps* When is it next week yet?

Monday = Best Night of Television. And now?


I'll get this out of the way first: I'm not happy that Mahone is basically Kellerman's bitch and has presumably always been working for him/them. It doesn't make sense to me that the man we were introduced to at the start of the season (and who some of us loved deeply) was part of the conspriacy from the get go. And as it turns out all he is is a hired hitman. A hot, competent hired hitman with a sharp mind and an interesting back story, but a hitman nonetheless. I feel for him, I do. Yes, I wish he was just there to do his job properly but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the conspirators left no stone unturned.

Killing the convicts makes sense I suppose although I don't want to have to watch Mahone do it again. It'll break him! He's clearly fragile.

Kellerman is back in control of everything and I think that's a good thing for the bad guys because he's great at his job. I was hoping to see more of his human side but it looks like the ruthless and focused Kellerman of season 1 has resurfaced.

Michael and Sucre were very cute and so gay that even Sucre admitted the embrace in the river got him hot. I DID HEAR THAT CORRECTLY RIGHT? I mean YES. Sucre had Michael pressed into his BACK. Of course it made him feel sexy. It's nice that his girl didn't marry Hector although I can't say I find that storyline gripping or romantic.

OTOH, the birds and the codes and Sara working it all out was SO ROMANTIC I COULD DIE. Oh my poor heart. But she's missing a bird! And now Mahone has it! I wonder if she'll get to meet him. Probably not, although I don't know how she'll find Michael if she doesn't get that bird back. Not that she can go anywhere in public ever again. How cool is it that she's now on the run too? How dumb was she to not work out instantly that it was grey haired guy who was behind her attempted murder? THIS COOL and THIS DUMB.

T-Bag taking off with the cash was totally priceless and I quite like that he's now on his own with pathetic ol' Bellick on his tail. His agenda is a chilling one, but it makes sense. With 5 mil in his pocket he'd find it relatively easy to get the fuck out of America but no. T-Bag wants revenge. No life in the Bahamas for our T-Bag! Just REVENGE. *pinches T-Bag's cheek*

The best part of the episode was Lincoln's rescue of LJ. I loved it because I had NO IDEA what he was up to or how on earth he would get to LJ but when it all played out it was completely satisfying and impressive. I can't wait for them to meet up with Michael again.

I hope CNote is okay. :*(

All in all, YAY PRISON BREAK. I'm so glad it's back.
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